10 Principles of Astrology

I recognize the following 10 Principles to be accurate and true and they serve as an important backdrop to my work. Sacred art

1 – You have consciousness and you live in consciousness. Some refer to this all-encompassing field of consciousness the ‘universe’, the ‘one-song’, while others simply call it ‘the field’ and there are many other references as well.

2 – You have a destiny. Fate and free will are features of destiny. Fate simply refers to the many realities and circumstances of life that you are subject to, yet which are largely beyond your control. Destiny refers to plans within plans within a greater plan and is a core feature of consciousness.

3 – A chart must be approached as a whole for the destiny to be accurately ascertained. Your Natal Chart provides the foundational map for measuring and defining your destiny and also sheds a good deal of light upon your fate and thereby supports an authentic and realistic activation of your free will.

4 – Western Astrology is based on the Sun’s light, not on the constellations. The seasonal round determined by the factual reality of our planet’s tilt and orbit around the sun, which produces the solstices and equinoxes, are the Cardinal or anchor points of Western, Tropical Astrology. The division of the year into 4 seasons and each divided by 3, beginning, middle, and end, constitute the Tropical Zodiac and the signs are those we see in the natural world.

5 – Western or Tropical Astrology is a ‘solar’ system of Astrology, and it is designed to adapt and evolve, and it does. It is, therefore, the Astrology of the future. The ‘lunar’ systems of Astrology (Chinese, Tibetan, Vedic, Mayan…) work and remain valid and useful, yet are formulated and tend to be static. Still, each co-exists and the fact that one system works do not undermine the others.

6 - Astrology is based on metaphysics which can also be described as holism. Astrology is not based on the materialistic paradigm of physics. Astrology is a spiritual science which acknowledges and measures the realization that you are a soul incarnate and a core feature of life is to evolve in consciousness and not simply as a species.

7 – Astrology is not ‘out there’, it is focused on the interests and concerns of daily life in society. Astrology has been described as astronomy brought down to earth and applied to the affairs of people. Astrology provides valuable, useful and penetrating insight into  everyday, practical realities which include self-awareness and self-understanding, character strengths and challenges, proclivities and potentials, career orientations, relationship dynamics, purpose and compatibility on every front, the meaning and timing of the natural flow of change, insights into constitution and the potential and timing of health challenges, when and where to move, when to sell, if and when to invest and more…

8 – Astrology is a sophisticated tool that can be used to gain useful insight into many aspects of life. There are numerous techniques and therefore numerous interpretation styles. Each practitioner brings their own style and flavor to a Reading. A truly skilled astrologer can provide many angles and levels of interpretation and is able to translate the symbols in your chart using, plain language in a manner that is comprehensible and useful, avoiding too much jargon and technical terminology.

9 – Astrology can provide deep insight and accuracy towards understanding human psychology and potential and thereby supports and accelerates the successful realization of personal goals, the results of therapy and the cultivating of moral and spiritual development and more… Astrology is not simply about prediction. Predicting the probable timing, occurrence, and outcome of events is a feature of what Astrology can do.

10 – The birthday, month, year and location constitute the main basic information to cast a Birth Chart. The exact time of birth is not absolutely essential to cast a chart as there are various techniques that do not require the time of birth to render accurate and useful insights into your character and destiny. Ideally, your Natal or Birth Chart is cast for the moment of first breath and knowing the exact time of birth is ideal, yet a lot of valuable information can be gleaned even if the exact time of birth is unknown. A skilled astrologer can determine the exact time of birth, but the process can take anywhere from several minutes to several hours. Hospital records and Vital Statistics offices may have your time of birth written on your birth record. Not all hospitals or delivery room doctors record the time of first breath.





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