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17 Angles of Perspective on Your Nature & Destiny

 The main objective of this article is to expand your perspective on what is possible with astrology, even when the time of birth is unknown

This article may be best understood as part 2, a continuation of Knowing the Birth Time is Ideal But Not Essential.

 This article serves to provide you with some insight and examples of why knowing the time of birth is not necessarily required for the sake of having a helpful and insightful Astrology Reading with me. Some may find aspects of this article to be a bit technical. A bonus is that it serves to provide its own mode of introduction to astrology and will prove quite illuminating. In fact, it also serves to illustrate the holistic nature of reality, the metaphysical model upon which astrology is based. You will also gain a bit of insight into how Horoscopes work. Above all, this article is intended to support you to feel confident to gain access to the rich wisdom that astrology can provide even if you do not know your time of birth.

There are actually many angles of perspective that can be taken when it comes to seeing yourself through the lens of astrology. And these various lenses can look to the future as well and make predictions regarding themes of destiny, and when they will likely occur and what areas of your life will likely be affected. such as your relationships, career direction, health and so on.


Like taking photographs of any given thing or person, one can choose to view a subject from a wide variety of angles and with a variety of lenses and apertures too, to gain a deeper and wider perspective on them; it largely depends on the tools and techniques at your disposal and your knowledge and ability to make use of them.

So, in addition to knowing your exact time of birth which produces the exact Rising Sign and subsequent house cusps, there are many other angles you can take. Let’s call knowing your exact time, your full-on-front-face-self, in keeping with the analogy with taking many angle shots with a camera and with various lenses and apertures, and therefore may accurately be regarded as the strongest indicator of your self-expression, but it is by no means the only one. Casting a chart based on knowing the exact time of birth is also the most accurate for the various timing of events due to transits, progressions, and returns, it is true. Still, strongest is great but it should not be interpreted as singular or the only perspective.

The list below is actually the short list. There are many other angles of perspective yet. For example, you could include the Fixed Stars or the Asteroids and the list go on. But the list below will suffice to help you to understand the main point.

17 + Angles of Perspective of Your Nature and Destiny:

1.Actual Birth Time…
2.Solar Chart
3.12 Noon
4.12 Midnight
5.6 a.m.
6.6 p.m.
7.Sun on 1st
8.Moon on 1st
9.Mercury on 1st
10.Venus on 1st
11.Mars on 1st
12.Jupiter on 1st
13.Chiron on 1st
14.Saturn on 1st
15.Uranus on 1st
16.Neptune on 1st
17.Pluto on 1st
The above outline illustrates 17 different angles of perspective that can be used to better understand your core nature and features of destiny. Even predictions can be rendered because, for the most part, all the planets will occupy the same degree as those in your actual Birth Chart with a known time of birth. Thus, the Transits, Progressions, Directions and Returns will prove very revealing and accurate.

If you are already pretty well versed in astrology, I encourage you to take this approach. You will enjoy seeing yourself from these different angles and it can serve to open your mind in terms of seeing and understanding yourself and astrology in general.

The most common tool used when the time is unknown is the Solar Chart. In fact, even when the time of birth is known, a Solar Chart can be created to provide its own valuable perspective. I often create a Solar Chart even when I know the time of birth for this very reason. I refer to it as ‘the other eye’. Seeing ‘both eyes – the Natal and the Solar Chart’ provides valuable additional insight. So, if there is only ‘one eye’ available to analyze, even the Solar Chart alone can suffice; not as well as the Natal Chart alone and certainly not as with both, but it still provides useful information and enough, in fact, to provide a satisfying, valuable and useful Reading.

The Solar Chart is actually a direct reflection of the principle upon which Horoscopes are written. The way it works is that 0 degrees of the Sun Sign, which is determined by the day of the month on which you are born, is placed on the Ascendant Point, what would be Zero Aries in the Natural Zodiac. The exact time is not required unless you are born very close to the cusp, (the meeting point between any two signs producing the line or border between them).

Natural Zodiac

Zodiac Mandala

The main difference is that the use of the Solar Chart, in regard to your actual birth date and year and without knowing the time of birth, provides a very revealing angle of perspective on your actual Natal Chart and does not simply group you among the many people who simply share your Sun Sign, which are what Horoscopes are based on.

Just as horoscopes can provide rather useful and accurate insights and guidance, which is its own mystery to solve and which I address in, Demystifying Why Horoscopes Work, the Solar Chart can be understood to be that much more accurate because it reveals the signs that the planets were actually in when you were born and the aspects between them.

The only uncertainties are:

  • What sign the Moon is in, as it travels 12-14 degrees per day?
  • Were you born on a cusp date, which thereby brings the actual sign the Sun is in into question?
  • Were any of the planets, especially the faster moving planets, Mercury, Venus, and Mars, actually changing signs that day?

These are answers an astrologer can usually answer and the process of answering them is also the first step towards Chart Rectification, which is the process of determining what time you were born. If you follow the link you will learn that this process is certainly valid and good, but not entirely necessary to have a Reading that can provide a lot of valuable and useful insights.

So, creating a Solar Chart which is based on knowing your Sun Sign, which is generally quite obvious to decipher, even to the degree, is easy and it actually reveals a close approximation of your actual Natal Chart, even if the time is unknown. The way it works is that zero degrees of your Sun Sign is placed on the 1st house cusp and each cusp is 0 degrees. Again, this is the basic formula for the Horoscopes, whether daily, weekly, monthly, yearly or otherwise – same formula – except that the horoscope is much more general. The Natural Zodiac chart above can serve to illustrate this point as well. It shows zero Aries which would be used to interpret the current planets (not shown) from the standpoint of Aries. Then the dial is shifted to Taurus, then Gemini and all the way around to Pisces. While there are others yet, I will outline the first 15 of them, here below.  These first 3 represent the first type of angle, which is a Solar Chart from the perspective of each sign.

Zodiac Mandala
Solar Chart - 0 Taurus (2)

Solar Chart - 0 Gemini (2)


The second is similar but is based on placing the actual degree of the Sun on the ascendant point and then making each house cusp that degree. In this case, the Sun is positioned at 12 Aries so all the house cusps are at 12 degrees of each of the 12 signs. (See the chart below)

 Sun on 1st (2)

This second technique can actually be applied to every planet. Below you can see two charts, each another version of the same original chart, yet each chart displayed with the house cusps determined by the degree of the planet used. In the following examples, I have used Mars and Neptune.

Some One Jones - Mars on 1st (2)Some One Jones - Neptune on Ist (2)

As mentioned in the list above, you can also use Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Chiron, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto. And you could opt to use other ‘planets’ as well such as the asteroids, centaurs and so on… by placing each on the Ascendant point (o Aries of the Natural Zodiac) according to their exact degree and use the equal house system (each cusp the same exact degree, to the minute, as the planet in perspective). If you want to use the Moon as well to get a strong look at how you express yourself emotionally and reactively to a given situation, it is best if you know the exact or close to exact birth time within 6 hours anyway of exact as the Moon travels 12-14 degrees per day. The same may be said of Mercury which can travel up to a few degrees per day. So, without the known time of birth, the Moon and Mercury are less reliable in this overall context. Yet, it so happens that it is this very technique and focusing on the Moon and Mercury to decipher character traits and timing of events in the life of the subject which are an important factor in the processes of Chart Rectification.

Placing each planet on the ascendant this way is easy to do with any astrology program and will serve to reveal insights regarding your self-expression from the standpoint of the planet used. The rest of the planets will fall into the respective house according to their actual degrees in your chart which will as mentioned, occupy the same degree regardless of what time you were born, save for at most some seconds or even minutes. (There are 60 minutes in a degree and 60 seconds in a minute, just as with regular time measurement).

Another 4 angles is to cast the chart for 12 midnight and 12 noon, and 6 am and 6 pm. These times represent the archetypal cross dividing the day, the 4 Cardinal times in the day. Using the place of birth as your location and Placidus Houses and you will get great results. But all you are after are the house cusps and then you place your Natal Planets in the houses. This is somewhat technical and time consuming yet the insights offered will prove very revealing.

Your 12-midnight chart reveals clues about your most subjective and personal nature.

Your 12-noon chart provides rich indications of your social, public and professional persona and status.

Your 6 a.m. chart reveals how you tend to begin your day and what core motivations are indicated.

Your 6 p.m. chart reveals how you tend to approach relationships, what your attractions and priorities are. It also reveals insights about your spiritual values and orientations.

It should be noted that this technique does not dismiss the actual Ascendant nor are these principles in contradiction. Again, employing this technique simply provides a unique and distinct angle of perspective from the standpoint of the planet used. Of course, the planet used colors the perspective. For example, if you place Mars on the 1st cusp, for example, the perspective reveals the principle of that person’s mode and style of taking action. 

It should also be clearly noted as well that this technique can be used even when the time of birth is known to more fully ascertain how the planet in question tends to function in the character of the person whose chart you are considering.





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