12 Realizations for Self-Awareness and Peace

These 12 Realizations correspond to the 12 signs of the Natural Zodiac beginning with Aries on the East point or left-hand 95582edf5278c8f0f23c5896ebf4fb68side, what would be 9 on the clock.

My goal in outlining these 12 principle realizations is to remind you about 12 common aspects of human behavior so that you can know what they are and learn to recognize them when they occur. This recognition will lead to realizations about yourself and others towards greater self-awareness and peace as opposed to common confusions and frustrations.

  •  The first section represents the 4 Cardinal Signs and Houses: Aries & 1st House, Cancer and 4th House, Libra and 7th House, Capricorn and 10th House. These first 4 realizations are Cardinal and their source is The 4 Agreements, a best-selling book by Don Miguel Ruiz. They are placed in a different order, however, to correspond with the themes of the Signs and Houses of the Zodiac. (Read book to elaborate!)
  •  The second section represents the 4 Fixed Signs and Houses: Taurus and the 2nd House, Leo and the 5th House, Scorpio and the 8th House, Aquarius and the 11th house. These Signs and Houses will refer to the 4 Control Dramas used to manipulate is outlined in the book by James Redfield called The Celestine Prophecy. The order presented here is in accordance with the Signs and Houses. (Read book to elaborate!)
  •  The third section of 4 represents the 4 Mutable Signs and Houses: Gemini and the third House, Virgo and the 6th house, Sagittarius and the 9th House and Pisces and the 12th House. This section outlines 4 basic psychological behaviors. I am not sure who their original authors are but these are common among people.


The Cardinal Signs and Houses – The 4 Agreements: Don Miguel Ruiz

Aries & 1st House – Don’t Make Assumptions. (Ask questions, enquire, and check-in.)

Cancer & 4th House – Don’t Take Anything Personally. (You choose how you want to feel.)

Libra & 7th House – Be Impeccable with Your Word. (Aim to speak well of yourself & others.)

Capricorn & 10th House – Always Do Your Best. (When the heart is involved, action is its own reward!)


The Fixed Signs and Houses – The 4 Control Dramas: James Redfield – The Celestine Prophecy

Taurus & 2nd House – The Intimidator. (Use of a threat to coerce with fear.)

Leo & 5th House – The Victim. (Play victim to get attention and sway things your way.)

Scorpio & 8th House – The Interrogator. (Ask many questions to control & direct others.)

Aquarius & 11th House – The Aloof. (Be distant or unapproachable to suspend denial or act superior.)


The Mutable Signs and Houses – 4 Basic Psychological Realities:

Gemini & 3rd House – Projection. (We are attracted to & attract to us reflections of the subconscious.)

Virgo & 6th House – Criticism. (Pick apart, reject, reduce, and denounce what we do not understand.)

Sagittarius & 9th House – Judgement. (Of self or others based on ethical bias and beliefs.)

Pisces & 12th House – Displacement. (Avoid or deny the responsibility of circumstance so blame others.)



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