A Deep Astrology Reading – Wise Choice!

William ShatnerOne of the most simple and basic things to do in life is to get a personal Astrology Reading. You might say, sure you would say that as it is your business. Yes, I am a professional Astrologer. But, the main reason I have chosen this profession is because I value the profound insights for self-awareness, guidance, healthy directions, leads, and timing that it provides. With Astrology your personality can be assessed in such a way as to make you feel deeply recognized, affirmed more aware, confident and this often produces an overall healing effect as well where doubts and inner conflicts born or natural blind spots produce stress. There are many levels and aspects to Astrology and it can bring valuable knowledge to many aspects of your life. You can learn more under the Readings HERE.

In simple terms, Astrology offers a map for life. Consider how valuable a map is. However or wherever you are traveling a map and signposts along the way are important and towards ‘finding your way’. It is not only about where or which direction, but how to proceed or the best approach and when.

Deciphering how to be more conscious of your timing and direction for the larger journey of your life is where Astrology shines. In like manner of importance, clocks and calendars are valuable inventions. Maps, clocks, and calendars are key tools for life and together these comprise some of the essential ingredients of an Astrology Chart.

People contact me to both know themselves better and also to know what cycles and planetary influences are active or upcoming. While timing is of the essence and deciphering planetary cycles is popular, I would like to encourage you to invest initially into knowing the deeper themes and evolutionary probabilities that constitute your destiny. You can do this best by calling me for a Life Reading. To do this really well requires at least 1.5 hours and even 2 and sometimes 3.  You are also welcome to divide this longer time period into smaller segments of time like 45 or 6o minute sessions, but 3 or 4 such sessions are usually required for a complete Life Reading.

Updates of current Transits and Progressions and event oriented perspectives and insights are always available with me.
But, even if you have had a reading with me or anyone else and have not really focused upon the deeper reaches of your character and destiny, consider doing so because again just like a good map, there are many complex regions, terrain and geography to discover and the results are self-empowering.  Beyond rich food for thought, good Astrology is genuinely healing as the insights offered to allow you to come into greater alignment with your unique individuality. External forces, personalities, and environments are ever influencing us and this can lead to many kinds of imbalances. Like good physical health, a strong connection to one’s core allows us to flow more confidently, less defensively and with greater awareness. Together these support higher quality health and life experiences overall.

A deep Astrology Reading is a wise choice! Make an Appointment



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