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Receiving communications and insights that you know are accurate and true and yet that provide even deeper and more accurate and empowering words and interpretations of who you are and what constitutes the core features of your destiny, that is what I mean by the word, Affirmation.
Deep Affirmation is healing and empowering!


Affirmation supports a deep feeling of relief from doubt, uncertainty, and confusion. It restores your passion for being alive and the courage to live in alignment with your life’s purpose. Astrology is a powerful tool that helps us to know ourselves better in a deep and personal way. When applied well, Astrology affirms who we are and outlines our strengths, gifts, and potentials, as well as our challenges.

This valuable feature of a Reading is not commonly recognized or practiced, therefore readings with others often lean towards the purely intellectual, informative and predictive perspective and thereby misses the intimate, healing and empowering gift that deep affirmation activates.

Affirmation supports you to trust your own intuitive hunches, gut feelings and inner guidance about who you are and what constitutes the themes of your destiny and purpose for being here.

We all get these intuitions about who we are and what are our gifts and talents and what excite us. But, we are not always sure what they mean, where they may lead, how to best follow them, when to act, why they are important and/or how they fit into the larger context of our life.

Affirmation restores a deeply felt sense that it is good and right and even spiritual to be who we are and where we are, here and now. As well, it can serve to activate a deep sense of alignment between who we feel ourselves to be within and what we are experiencing without.

Such alignment is its own source of healing. Stress is a consequence of the lack of alignment and excess stress is a primary source of ‘dis-ease’. In our fast paced and exciting times, the need to feel affirmed and aligned is more important than ever.

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