Astrology – A Science of Synchronicity

Causal Plane

Astrology and Numerology can be understood to be sciences of synchronicity. Both serve by highlighting who we are as individuals, what constitutes the specifics of our destiny, what we are experiencing and where, when, how and even why the cycles of change are working as they are. This type of understanding is profound. Yet it is also very natural because both systems are clear expressions of nature and serve to measure its rhythms and cycles.

In life, we all experience the steady flow of change. Sometimes the bends and turns in the road are sharper than others and full of surprises. It is good to know that amidst all the drama, apparent uncertainty and stress we can tune-in to our destiny and realize that whatever is going both within and without, we can discover a meaning and purpose at play.

This is where Astrology and Numerology come to the fore. These time-honoured tools help us to know ourselves better, understand why things are happening when we can expect peaks, highs, and lows and how we might best approach and deal with the inevitable flow of change.

When applied with intelligence, skill, awareness and sensitivity these tools can effectively assist us to better appreciate, understand, accept and flow with our life journey and our relationships. We can regain perspective and confidence, self-understanding, vision and inspiration.

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