Astrology and the Attitude of a Spiritual Warrior

The very phrase ‘spiritual warrior’ may at first seem to be a contradiction in terms. The word spiritual evokes feelings of peace, humility, empathy, compassion, meditation, reverence, and devotion to higher realities, higher wisdom teachings, and meditation, breathing techniques, chanting and prayers and so on. The term warrior leads to images of weaponry, armor, strength, courage, skill, discipline and stern and serious attitudes.  As valid and true as are all of the above, the notion of a spiritual warrior includes many of these principles, yet also includes angles of perception and modes of vision and, in turn, set of tactics and strategies.  In very simple terms, a spiritual warrior describes a person who wants to be fully aware of who they are at both a personality and a soul level and they are willing and determined to genuinely evolve.

The word evolve has become associated with the popular, materialistic notion of Charles Darwin’s Theory of Evolution. It refers to a slow evolutionary process of species linked to adaptation and mutation largely focused upon biological processes. As valid as some of the science of this is, it also asserts a conclusive philosophy of materialism which, whether deliberate or consequential, deflects or even blinds people to the very notion of soul and, by extension, to the notion of living in such a way as to recognize and honor the consideration of genuine cultivation of one’s being. If all you are is a material body with a personality and it all ends at death then why bother considering much else beyond material considerations and survival. A shallow conclusion, but a tidy mindset for continued business. Thus we have the perfect paradigm for a consumer society.

The unfortunate consequential conclusion of this materialistic philosophy leads people into what, from a spiritual perspective, constitutes ‘lower minded rationalizations’. These include justified material ambitions at the expense of spiritual growth and any real consideration of the deeper implications linked to notions of actually evolving in consciousness and as a soul. The effects of this consequential reaction are that it blinds people in their rational and perpetuates a state of what in spiritual evolutionary circles is often described as ‘sleeping’. Thus the popularity of movies linked to zombies, ‘the living dead’, who are depicted as mechanically reacting according to a state of ‘unconsciousness’.

Another common appeal on the collective airwaves now is the call for people to ‘wake-up’. While not everyone will agree upon what is meant by this phrase, as sometimes the basis is political, social and economic as with conspiracy theories and so on, the focus here is upon awakening to the reality that we are souls incarnate. From the sectors of society that appreciate the realities of the evolution of the soul, the emphasis is placed on awakening to the realization that human beings are indeed souls incarnate.

Within the symbols, placements and aspect lines which constitute an Astrological Birth Chart, very deep themes are revealed. These are collectively often referred to as patterns of destiny, which is true. The deeper implications of our Astrology, Chart cast for the time of birth and specifically and ideally moment of first breath, reveals themes which suggest roots that reach further and deeper than the simple fact of where and how the planets are situated at the time of birth.

Even beyond genetic inheritance, our Natal Charts reveal karmic patterns which are the inner story behind the themes, purposes, and timings of our destiny. Above all, of importance is that this knowledge supports us to engage in a process of conscious co-creation. When we consciously engage in our life in such a way as to fulfill a theme of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual refinement, alignment and advancement, then we are engaged in a conscious co-creative process which can also be described as the attitude, understanding, and choice of a spiritual warrior. Such an approach to life does not dismiss the physical body or neglect worldly duties, responsibilities and pleasures, but it does reveal an awareness of their temporary value and purpose their relative importance.

As souls incarnate, we recognize life to be like a school. As souls, we realize that our existence and essence transcends this material dimension, this school of life which teaches us to become responsible co-creators. Yet, we also recognize that existence made this school, on purpose. Thereby, we are invited to live in it, and enjoy it but also to maintain and sustain it so that future generations of souls can continue to enter into it and engage in the experiences it provides and thereby undergo the evolutionary process as well. Thus, a spiritual warrior focuses and works to engage in the world yet to not become overtaken by its ultimately limited and illusory reality.




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