Astrology and the Intelligent Design of Nature

Nature clearly exhibits intelligent design. Every aspect of nature, from the micro to the macrocosmic levels, and everything in between revealsCausal Plane
Pattern, beauty, law, order, function and purpose. More words can be added to this list to illustrate this ‘intelligent design yet these are a good start. This essential realization is of course not new. As long as there has been the ability to perceive, the grandeur and the rhythms of nature has clearly revealed higher levels of power within, behind and above it, and so on….

Traditionally, the observation and study of nature by all the cultures of the world have been summarized with the word “holistic”. From a more elaborated interpretation, this global realization is called “The Perennial Philosophy”. What all of these terms imply is that there is a deep and enduring truth woven into nature, which we may also deem existence, reality, life and so on.This holistic basis of nature refers to hidden or inner dimensions. These are sometimes deemed other worlds or parallel universes or simply as the ethers. This truth refers to deeper and higher powers within nature which come under the general and traditional reverence for Mother Nature and/or God.

Over the course of time, especially since the rise of science, a rift between religion and science has emerged. Like a child rebellious to the authority of his/her father, science has and continues to staunchly reject the notion of a God or Gods or any other supreme reality. From this has emerged a polarization, an endless debate between what has come to be called Creationism and Darwinism. In traditional Christianity, this refers to an anthropomorphic image of a man who is deemed God and who created the world and nature, as the story goes in 7 days. Darwinism speaks to an evolutionary process which defines what is deemed as a simplistic mythology. Yet, there between both extreme positions exists a perspective called Intelligent Design that few if any can realistically dismiss. All sincere scientists express awe and humility in regard to the power, majesty, mystery and source of existence.

The design of nature can basically be recognized as shape. We see these in the great spheres of the heavens, especially in the Sun and flower-of-lifeMoon. Thus the circle or sphere and cycle shape are fundamental. In fact, all other angular geometries actually emerge from or are derived from the shape of a circle. This is a foundational principle behind sacred geometry and is expressed as the Flower of Life. In nature, we see this design in the flowers and trees and in our food and in the animals and insects and crystals and every species on earth. The cyclic and spiraling shapes are also fundamental and this has long been understood as the Golden Mean or the Phi Ratio.


As impressive as are these shapes, the intelligence of nature woven into its design and function reveals what may be deemed ‘fractal maps’ which can be decoded to reveal insights, answers, direction, and guidance. There are many of these maps and Astrology is principal among these.

The story and the evidence of this Intelligent Design are clearly visible in nature. The evidence of it is all illustrated by the fact that astrology works so remarkably well. If ‘seeing is believing’, then the experience of an Astrology Reading will go even one big step further to reveal the intelligence of this design at work in your own life.

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