Astrology is Natural Psychology

As a natural psychology, Astrology can effectively guide and awaken people to their destiny and/or what is best understood as their authenticity. This includes their life challenges and lessons, as well as gifts. Further, it sheds light on what constitutes space-blueplanetright vocation, what we need or what constitutes successful relationship matches on both personal and professional fronts.

When it is best to make certain decisions is one of its utmost features. Helping people to better understand themselves, their nature, their cycles, rhythms, opportunities, challenges, and endings all come under the domain of what Astrology as natural psychology offers. We can simply go with the flow or we can seek answers ‘out there’ and we can look within with the help of Astrology and learn better how to align with our own nature and the changes that we will experience in our life.

Astrology is Natural Psychology. Let’s consider the ‘natural’ part of the equation. The environment is a natural feature of our life. So, how do we define environment? Psychologists, sociologists, meteorologists, biologists, environmentalists and so on may each have their own categorical interpretation, but each one is simply studying another feature or layer of what is ultimately the same whole environment. A full and complete understanding of nature and of human nature and its tendencies towards various forms of behavior must, therefore, include all nature.

Nature as a term in the wider sense of its meaning encompasses the entire universe and all the levels and dimensions within it. Beyond the traditional perspectives of the term, nature includes yet also significantly transcends the various regions, geographies and climatic zones of our planet and the flora, fauna, biology, chemistry and the physics and so on. From the atomic to the micro-cellular, to the anatomic to the environmental and then to the cosmic, beginning with the solar system, then the galaxy and the ‘omniverse’ – the universal ocean of galaxies, the term ‘nature’ is all encompassing.

From another perspective, we can look to dimensions.  Simply stated, these can simply be understood as frequencies and wavelengths where we get various ‘channels’, as in radio and televisions channels. This is very much the tip of the iceberg concerning dimensions, but the point is that multiple realities exist simultaneously. The term, parallel universe come to mind here. Each dimension has its own objective existence and rules and laws and realities. Nature is an umbrella term and all of existence, in all its expressions and dimensions, comes under its heading. This includes us.

The basis of Astrology is very natural. The annular cycle of the Earth around the Sun can be divided into four quarters. These divisions are natural and are the Solstice and Equinoxes. The Solstices mark the shortest and longest hours of sunlight and the Equinoxes measure equal hours of day and night. The 21st day is the approximate day of these key dates and the months are December, March, June and September.  These dates mark the beginning of the next season.

So, when it is Autumn Equinox and the hours between light and dark are equal. The changing temperatures and light on the planet for any given hour in the day are noticeably different. This natural division of the year is the basis of Western Astrology. The light of the sun or the lack of it in terms of hours has a powerful effect upon our psyche at deep levels of consciousness. The story continues from here with more details, but in essence, Astrology is the study of our relationship, of our intrinsic connection to nature.

Beyond the environmental factors of our home and society and so on, are those of the season one is born in and the cosmic backdrop, especially of the planets in our solar system. By the way, the closest star to us, Alpha Proxima is about 6440 times further away than Pluto! In other words, the planets are much closer than is often recognized. Further, the entire solar system can be seen to be encased in its own ‘shell’. Go online and check it out, it is called the ‘Helio Pause’.

This containment of the solar system is yet another example of the principle of wholes within wholes and we live in a whole body, in a whole town or city, in a whole country, on a whole continent or island, on a whole planet in a whole solar system, in a whole galaxy. This should not be too hard to understand and the implications of this natural principle of nature are directly linked to our natural psychology. It may seem cosmic and ‘out there’ but each environment has an influence on the other both intrinsically and by causal connection and the divisions are merely categorizations of environments for the sake of compartmentalized and thus organized thinking, which is useful and convenient, yet at worse, betrays the essential oneness of it all.

Within the larger framework of environments that we are, within which we live, to which we are intrinsically connected, is the simple fact that at each level we see cycles. From the molecular with electrons cycling around the nucleus of a cell to the rotation of the earth creating night and day, to the seasonal round, to the orbits or planets around the sun and ‘apparently’ around the earth, which is how the right brain ‘experiences’ reality, and to larger cosmic realities yet, every aspect of our lives is subject to, is a feature of cycles.

Astrology recognizes that these cycles are significant and the effects are measurable when we look at people’s natal charts. In this respect, Astrology can be understood to be a natural psychology. Natural psychology recognizes our intrinsic oneness with and relationship to nature. Recognizing that nature is one appearing to function is many is the key to solving the riddle of how we perceive reality as a conglomerate of separate parts. The root meaning of the word psychology, by the way, is soul.


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