Overview for All Readings

There are many kinds of Astrology Readings you can have.

The cost of any session is determined by duration of the Reading and not by the particular focus and/or questions you may have.

You can ask a combination of questions.
The clearer you are about what you want and need and can gain from a session, the more precise the preparation for your reading can be prior to the actual time of your appointment.

First time appointments are 1 hour minimum. 30 minute sessions are generally reserved for follow-up sessions. First time sessions are best achieved in 90 minute or 2 hour session, especially when you have a lot of questions. Since the insights offered are profound and empowering and since I keep my rates much lower than many Astrologers, it is to your advantage to opt for a longer session. I invite you to Testimonials on the menu bar where you can see the feedback from my clients over the years and very recently.

The insights I can provide for you with the help of Astrology and Numerology, combined with other modalities are rare, deep and valuable.
While I can do Astrology and Numerology Readings separately, upon request, I usually combine the insights they provide in you Reading session.

I am also very intuitive and get very strong psychic insights that emerge in the course of a Reading.  In addition to the rational, factual aspects of Astrology, the science side, there is also an art. The art can be learned but like all things an innate aptitude is also required. Call it a gift or call it destiny, not just anyone can become proficient in Astrology just as is true with other disciplines. Many clients have commented that I am gifted. Others have commented that I am ’channelling’. If that is true, I am channelling my own intuition and higher mind and not a disembodied soul. As well, my ‘gift’ or aptitude is founded on many years of dedicated study and practice. In invite you to make an appointment to have your own experience.

Astrology and Numerology are archetypal.



In this respect they emerge from a higher source than simply psychic impressions or the more common mode of mind reading that occurs with psychic readings. The archetypal maps and symbols of Astrology especially provide profound, whole and integrated perspectives. Since most people experience various degrees of fragmentation and therefore confusion, the whole perspectives and insights that I will provide for you are intended to be healing, illuminating, inspiring and empowering, leading you to practical thought, choice and action.




Life Changes and Timing “Timing is of the Essence!” Throughout the ages people have sought guidance to better understand the ‘when’ of life and Astrology remains very active in this regard because it works so well. In life we all experience natural charead more



At the very root of Astrology we see measurements of time, calendars, timing of events like when to marry or sign important documents or start a business and questions like when to plant, when to harvest, what is an auspicious time to embark on a journread more



Knowing what to study and when the best time is represents the sort of question astrology can shed a lot of light on. Considering the prospect of education and the process that goes into it is an important and common theme in life. It is linked to careread more



Do you own your own business, Would you like to? Is your business world in need of a review or fresh insight? Either way, Astrology can help. Life is business and our business is an important feature of our life. While doing what we love and loving wharead more


Sun set rays

At the core of the art and science of Astrology is the fact that all life is spiritual and that humans certainly are spiritual beings . We can say that we are and all life is an expression of spirit. The spirit or divine spark expresses itself, in turnread more

Natal Chart

William Shatner

Your Astrology Reading always begins with your Natal Chart. A Natal Chart is otherwise referred to as a Birth Chart, or the Radix Chart. I often will establish the tone, focus and momentum of a Reading, even if the main focus is upon other consideratioread more

Future Directions

Air Balloons in Capadocia

Life is like a game and if you knew the outcome you would not enjoy the mystery. Yet, knowing the odds and deciphering what you can do to win is also important and worthwhile. This is where Astrology can help you to play well and win whatever the outcoread more

Life Reading

Light Tree Gaia Spirit pic

A Life Reading looks at who you are, in terms of personality strengths and challenges; where you are coming from, implying your aptitudes, values, family background and even glimpses into past lives; where you are going, which implies destiny at variouread more

Childhood Influences and Past Lives


What past patterns and experiences from the past are influencing you now? It can prove intriguing, illuminating, healing and generally worthwhile to reflect upon past influences and events. Reflection upon the past can help you to understand the meaninread more



The realities of working for a living are important to us all. While the practical reasons for wanting or needing to work, or to have a job, or career is obvious, the choices we make are much more important than it may seem. Not only is our health, selread more



“Life is all about Relationships.”We all experience relationships of many kinds such as with lovers, spouses, parents, children, siblings, friends, business partners, employers, colleagues, neighbors, relatives and team-mates, club members and so on. Aread more

Relocation and Travel


“Nobody remains in one place any more!” Most of us move at least several times in our life, and we travel. Especially in regards to relocating to a new city or country, the main questions concern: where, why, when and how? Even with travel (but again eread more

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