Balsamic Moon

Balsamic Moon

The final phase of 8 for the Moon’s cycle is called the Balsamic Moon, traditionally. Commonly people react when they hear the word Balsamic for a Moon Phase, as it is usually linked vinegar. It is a bit like the word Uranus when pronounced with a long ‘a’ sound. It is good to see the inner child in people emerge spontaneously and mildly amusing.

Generally, this phase of the Moon is regarded as a ‘waning crescent’, but this merely indicates the phenomenon as an event without any deeper meaning, as with astronomy. From the standpoint of Astrology, it certainly does have a deeper meaning, as is true of all the phases. The Balsamic Moon implies the completion of the cycle, letting go and preparing for the new cycle to begin. It is generally not considered the best time to begin something new, so focus on follow through and completion.

Each month when the Moon is in the Balsamic Phase, it is in a different sign or two. A phase is 45 degrees large and a sign is 30 degrees, so, the phase always encompasses two signs – the sign the Sun occupies at the time and the sign preceding it. Currently, the Sun is in Taurus and the Moon is in Aries.

The Moon in Aries can be described as a firecracker. The Cardinal, Yang, proactive mode combined with Cardinal Lunar Yin proactive mode combines to activate a lot of proactive energy and it tends to do so reactively. It is worth noting that the Moon in Aries is also indicative of esoteric interests and aptitude, which may come as a surprise to some.

Today, April 24, the Moon opposes Jupiter in Libra. This can manifest as a tensional balance, one that can manifest as low-lying anxiety without apparent cause. Tendencies toward emotional excess and extravagance and lack of confidence, at worst, and sensitivity, sincerity, and fairmindedness, at best, are common themes.

Since Mars rules Aries and Venus rules Libra, the celestial lovers are pulled into the mix. Venus in Pisces Retrograde and Mars in Gemini also indicates a block to the tensions seeking release. What to do?

Acknowledge the energy pattern, do not take it personally, and redirect it to productive activity, for best results. The desire for romance may be there but the mood may not be. Tune-in to this dynamic and cooperate with it.

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