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Does Anyone Really Know What Time It Is?

The reason why we can say with confidence that it is 2017 is because the majority rules. That is what the majority of humanity agrees it is, currently. To elaborate, we are co-creative beings, souls incarnate and reality is malleable, plastic if you like, illusory. Nay, you say? Just ask any truly enlightened mystic or any old quantum physicist, if you like. Another way to describe where we are at now, what time it is from a wider perspective, can be described as follows:

We are still in the dawning of the Age of Aquarius. The Age consists of 2160 years or so, 1/12 of the Precessional Cycle. The crack of dawn occurred some 25 years ago or so, (more on this later…). Now imagining that the Age was reduced to 1-Day, to illustrate the reference to dawn and noon and sunset and so on…, and referring to the ‘crack of dawn’ as the beginning of the day and agreeing that it occurs at 6 am, we might simply multiply the 24 hours by 60 minutes in which case we would get 1440 minutes. Then, if we divided 2160 by 1440 we would get a tidy 1.5 or the 1440 minutes of the day would consist 1440, 90-second increments. Now, if we multiplied this 1.5 minutes by 25, we would get 37.5 increments of 90 seconds which if multiplied would derive 3,375 seconds and if we wanted to make that it into the usual 60 second minutes, or 3,375 divided by 60, thus translated into the usual 60-minute hour, we would get 56.25 minutes. In other words, according to this analogy, in the Age of Aquarius, it is about 6:56 am.

Now, let’s look at in another way. Let’s imagine that Spring Equinox is the beginning of the year. Given that there are 365.25 days in a year. The ratio of the length of a day in a 2160-day year would be derived by dividing 2160 by 365.25 = 5.913757700205339. Okay, let’s call it 6 days = 1 day. Then if we multiplied 25 years x 365.25 days = 9131.25 days and then if we divided that number of days by 6 = 1,521.875 days and then divided that by 25 = 60.875 and then divided that by 30 to determine the month it is based on a 30-day month, we would get 2.029166666666667(that is a lot of 6’s…). Let’s just round it off to 2 days, after all 365.25 divided by 12 months actually = 30.4375 days per month. Therefore, the 25 years by ratio where the Age was compared to 1-year would amount to about 2 days.

Thus, on the basis of the Age compared to days in a year where the year began on March 21st, or Spring Equinox, it would be March 23rd at 6:56 am. Yes, it is quite early indeed . So, be aware and relax into the consideration of this dynamic. The key point is that it is early but in the revolutionary Age of Aquarius. What this basically suggests that we are wise to accept the revolutionary pace, momentum and overall theme and scheme of things as the new norm. It is not anyone’s fault and all souls must play their destiny-appointed part.

Combining these two analogies of time regarding the Age of Aquarius reduced to 1-Day and to 1-year, the date and time would be March 23rd at 6:56 am. If anyone wants to check my calculation logic and is able to derive another result, I am open as I do not profess to be a great mathematician, by any stretch. Regarding the process of ratios, I think I am correct, by analogy, here, but I welcome further input. In any case, by ratio to days in a year and hours in a day regarding the Age of Aquarius and where Spring Equinox represents the beginning of the year and 6 am the beginning of the day, we are very early in the game.

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