Aquarius Horoscope : August 30 – September 5, 2013

A balance of endings and of new beginnings is likely now and over the next few weeks. This will likely produce some lively interchanges with others. You are in the mood for some arts and culture, fun, play and adventure and it has perhaps been a long while coming. Meanwhile, some research and investigation is featured. Observe the details of a bigger picture.

Tip of the Week : August 30 - September 5, 2013

Although it is not evident in the night sky, a lovely display of planets in alignment formulating another Star of David configuration is occurring right now. It officially began on August 28. And will continue through to about September 5th. Although not conveniently obvious, this confirmation represents a good example of the science of Astrology. Celestial phenomena that can be seen in a singular location like a Full Moon, an eclipse, a conjunction of two or more planets, a comet, a well-positioned fixed star either low on the horizon or also conjunct another planet, or even a meteor shower which certainly can encompass the entire sky in a celestial display of awe and wonder are certainly a source of joy, inspiration and sometime dread, at least traditionally. Yet, a deeper analysis of the alignments of planets and their respective relationships open up a whole new spectrum and level of perspective. Woven within this science of Astrology we find principles of geometry. How and why Astrology works remains somewhat illusive, although there are many very good explanations. The main reason is that it is based on holism where we the observers are understood to be intrinsically related with the themes, principles and planetary alignments in consideration. This paradigm of perception is ancient yet is on the rise again. This is suggestive of a multi-dimensional reality in existence. This principle is now well established in science as well, perhaps especially in Quantum Physics. As it is, there is a special planetary alignment in the skies even though it is not readily visible and it is synchronizing with our times.

Michael O’Connor
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