Aries Horoscope : August 11 -18, 2017

A dynamic, exciting and dramatic cycle continues. Your enthusiasm to engage should be evident. Focusing your creative energy on your home is likely. Your powers of critical analysis are running strong increasing your attention on the details. Enjoy these simpler days as some big changes are brewing and these will manifest before the year is out.

Tip of the Week : August 11 -18, 2017

As promised, this Universal 1-Year is dramatic and pivotal for a lot of people. I would say, directly or indirectly, it is so for everyone, even if not everyone is aware of it. This the term ‘universal’ which means everyone in the world. In this Age of Aquarius, the footings have been in place for centuries, actually. I am referring to the fact that pretty much every country in the world lives according to the ‘notion’ that it is August 11, 2017 – today. Of course, not every person, group or country is living according to this date, but the majority of people are. However you choose to interpret this fact, it remains that humanity is collectively tuned-in to the notion, frequency and subsequent rhythm that this vibration of this year number implies.

I also said that with the Lunar North Node in Leo, the ‘drama’ meter’ would go up noticeably. Well, that happened on May 9th at 7:27 pm GMT and it will remain there and completing its 18-month cycle on November 6, 2018, at 6:08 pm GMT. So, we are wise to acclimatize emotionally to this new norm. Currently, the Sun and Mars are both in Leo and this is serving to add fuel to the already heightened and dramatic tempo (North Korea, D.T., rising death count of Naturopathic Doctors around the world and the raging forest fires here in Western Canada and the United States and the list goes on…. Venus will also enter Leo on August 26th, but the Sun will have entered Virgo by then. Even so, we should expect this current tempo to largely continue throughout September.

Mercury turns retrograde on August 12 here in North America, or at 2:01 am GMT. It will remain there until September 9th. Even the lead up to it can be evidenced by miscommunications and other little annoyances. While Mercury is well-placed in Virgo while retrograde, it remains that it is retrograde so we should expect the usual set of annoying delays. The basic key is to be aware and play along, as in to cooperate.

With all the record breaking heat waves and the scope and magnitude of fires this summer, one wonders if there are indications astrologically. Well, yes, there are. Uranus in Aries is a prime suspect in this regard. It is not the only player contributing to this dramatic synchronicity, but it is a major one.

Uranus in Aries is occupying the planet of the highest degree and has since late May and will until the end of September, save for some brief interludes of the close planets, Mars, Venus and Mercury occupying that top position. It has been illustrated by researchers that the sign placement of the far planets when in prominent positions tends to synchronize with the element activated. In this case, it is the fire element.

So, if you live near a place where forest fires are likely, stay vigilant and alert with an emergency evacuation plan in place. This basically includes a gas tank at least never below half and all your camping gear packed and ready as though you are planned to go in an hour. Other considerations include children, pets and your most precious valuables placed in a secure place and way. This is, of course, a very short list, but is a good start.

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