Aries Horoscope : September 15 – 22, 2017

Mixing work with play continues as the main theme. The golden mean is struck when your work becomes more playful or creative interests take on a more serious tone of intention. Love is in the air all the while. Whether it involves someone, something or some place, or all of the above is for you to decide. Either way, the heat is on…still.

Tip of the Week : September 15 - 22, 2017

Well, this is it. The last official week of summer has arrived and it has been an epic summer indeed. I am mostly referring to the extreme weather and natural disasters. Persistent and devastating forest fires, record setting hurricanes, massive flooding, huge earthquakes, tidal waves, drought, booming meteorites and probably more. And now on September 23rd, planetary alignments that are evoking credulous imaginations regarding biblical prophecies are gaining popular attention. Biblical is an apt word for this list of catastrophic events.

All of this occurring in a Universal 1-Year is an important consideration with respect to the fact that the 1st of a 9-year cycle tends to produce the anchoring theme for the entire cycle! Given the prospects that there is truth in this statement, we are wise to think strategically. The saying, ‘plan for the worst and hope for the best’, come to mind here.

The question is how, how to plan? The holistic answer is to focus on all fronts: mental, emotional, physical and spiritual. This could translate as follows:

Mental: Be aware and have plans of action in mind and get clear about what and who is important in your life.

Emotional: have faith in the rhythm and flow of life and do not allow your imagination to conjure or dwell on fearful outcomes.

Physical: Have things that allow you to pack quickly, travel light and still everything you need, as with going camping. This could include emergency money or an activated credit card without debt on it.

Spiritual: Realize that life is not merely about surviving and/or accumulating stuff or even ticking off the next item on your bucket list; it is about living fully in the here and now, which implies living in, through and from the heart, and recognizing that the tests and lessons of life and the quality of our response to them are the takeaways of the soul.

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