Cancer Horoscope : Aug 25 – Sept 21, 2017

Getting clear on your priorities is an important theme amplified by this recent eclipse season. Basically, you will be focused on what you do and do not want and need. Deciphering the difference between them will prove important as well. This could include clearing the clutter. Cleaning-up your finances to ensure you are not losing money is also likely.

Tip of the Week : Aug 25 - Sept 21, 2017

As Virgo time gains momentum, the winds of change activated by the Total Solar Eclipse a few days ago will be increasingly evident by now. If you are destined to experience a direct activation, it usually begins quite quickly. However, sometimes the change is there but is not recognized for what it is. The objectivity astrology provides serves to awaken us to the currents of destiny, beyond our socially conditioned perceptions and attitudes.

As of this date, Mercury in still Retrograde in Virgo and will conjunct the Sun on August 26. Mars in Leo is currently exactly conjunct the Lunar North Node. This has the effect of giving destiny a big push. Fortunately, according to the details of the chart, this extra muscle comes with a playful and sincere tone. Despite the many dramas in the world, this energy pattern is suggestive of heroism, as well.

On August 31, Mercury re-enters Leo and, a couple of days later forms a conjunction with advancing Mars. The synchronicity of this is likely to manifest as the next big sensation in the headlines with strong and even revolutionary appeals for change improvement. Virgo can generally be described as the strong, silent type, despite a very sharp critical attitude, constructive and otherwise, but with Leo involved, the hermit comes out of the shadows with all the pumped personality, sparkle and dazzle of a famous talk show host.

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