Cancer Horoscope : July 26 – August 2, 2013

An expansive cycle continues. You are likely feeling inspired to take a few risks or to advance your position somehow. This impulse will linger well into 2014. Yet, this is no time to be in a rush neither. All the while, deeper spiritual activations and awakenings are flowing in steadily. If these are not obvious, take a moment to tune-in to receive the blessings.

Tip of the Week : July 26 - August 2, 2013

The waves caused by the ongoing line-up of planets continue to wash in. These are invariably producing synchronistic events and subsequent changes for people both individually and collectively and on many fronts. Sometimes according to our cycles and circumstances these produce reaction, yet proactive response ever remains part of the game and an ever present possibility. One of the keys to proactive response is to live with deepened self-awareness and the consequent vision that it affords. Astrology is invaluable in this regard, when approached with a deepened appreciation of the valuable resource that it is. It is not the majority who do this yet. Directed by outer, social influences, attitudes and norms people engage in the game of life confident and justified in their actions. Yet, when our choices and actions are based on this outer directed mode of reasoning alone, we are less able to live more authentically, in-tune with a deeper sense of purpose and the subsequent harmony with others and life in general that it produces. The global environmental crisis which remains and will for decades to come, at least, is an example of it. This is one of the deeper messages that are surfacing from the sum of colossal stir of cosmic energies at play. That a key feature of these encompasses a period reaching to 2026 when Neptune enters Aries offers us a fairly wide time frame within which to focus and set our intentions. Regarding the more current cycles, the Great Grand Trine in Water Signs that officially began on July 17 is lingering and is being reinforced by Mars. On July 27th Mars forms an exact Opposition to Pluto on the same day that the Moon forms a Conjunction with Uranus and then will actually form a Square to Uranus on July 31, thereby reinforcing the lingering and potent Square aspect between Uranus and Pluto. Thus, this is when Mars weaves the Water Grand Trine with the Uranus/Pluto Square. The influence of this will specifically continue until April 2014. The entries for each sign below offers more specific insight for each of the 12 archetypes of the Zodiac and you can gain even more from my Newsletters. Send me an email to subscribe. We are living in monumental times – stay tuned!

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