Capricorn Horoscope : October 25 – November 1, 2013

The time has come to make some specific key power plays. This includes accessing the creative talents and the rich resources of others. Having it all actually means having access to what everyone else has. Knowing how to implement this reservoir of wealth is another thing. Expect a time of multitasking, delegation and digging in to break through.

Tip of the Week : October 25 - November 1, 2013

Scorpio time has begun. Contrary to what many assume the ‘signs’ are linked to the seasons, and there are constellations that are symbolic of them as well. The signs of Scorpio reveals a deepening dark with increasingly shorter days and longer nights. The falling leaves, dying plants and frost bitten ground are literal examples of the reality of death and at least of purging and transformation. Scorpio marks a powerful time of ending. Remembrance Day which occurs on November 11 and which pays tribute to the many soldiers who died in world wars aptly takes place at this grave time of the year. Halloween and All Saints are also accurately celebrated during Scorpio time when the veils between the living and the ‘other side’ are said to be at their thinnest. Peering deeply into unseen and hidden realms, delving into the abyss to claim what long buried gifts and treasures there may be and solving mysteries are all Scorpio themes. The super wealthy elite and the great riches they harbour and powers and secrets they protect that live hidden behind gated castles and within guarded walls come under the category of Scorpio too. Yet it would be wrong to assume that these ‘powers that be’ are all merely greedy, indifferent and scheming. The real power that Scorpio hides and protects is the reality that every death is followed by rebirth. As well, although decay suits this 8th sign it is this very process that produces the rich soils that nourish and bring forth life and renewal.

This week’s Horoscope is a tribute to the themes of Scorpio as they are now being expressed for each Zodiac sign.

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