Libra Horoscope : Sept. 1 – 8, 2017

A summons to assert a new facet of your sense of individuality has been sounded. It is calling you to break through internal and external resistances and barriers and to go big. Some measure of risk is implied. It may well include working with friends new and old. Doing the ground work behind the scenes is likely and could extend into October.

Tip of the Week : Sept. 1 - 8, 2017

Month number 9 (September) in a Universal 1-Year means that it is a 1-Month. Number 1 is all about fresh starts and pioneering initiatives. It is associated with Aries and Capricorn and requires assertion, but can also prove aggressive and raw. This presents a generic perspective, like the weather for an entire region yet has global implications. Of course, every person and place have their own cycles to measure and there are many and they overlap. Still, we can look to the year and month via this Numerological perspective to gain some reference points.

Astrologically, we are in the final days of Mercury Retrograde in Virgo/Leo. It re-entered Leo yesterday and will end its reverse motion there on the 5th and re-enter Virgo on the 9th. It is worth mentioning that Mercury in Leo will ‘Station’, seem to be at a standstill, the time period leading up to turning direct again and the time it takes to accelerate to full speed forward again for about the next 10 days, right at the degree of the Total Solar Eclipse! Mars is there as well thus we will experience a charge of energy.

The Moon comes to full while in close conjunction to Neptune on September 6th (the 5th in the Maritimes and the rest of the world further East) and does so at 13 Pisces 53. If you have planets, angles or sensitive points in your Natal Chart at this degree, you will experience a boost and activation and potentially a measurable shift. Yet, unless you are aware and have some objective about what is going on, it will probably just manifest unconsciously. Awareness is the key to bring your conscious will to the fore to engage the energies optimally.

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