Pisces Horoscope : March 14 – 21, 2014

The feeling of spring thaw may be arriving early for you. You may wish the pace was slower. Yet, your ability to focus, manifest and get things done may feel slower these days so this early start can be seen to have advantages. Meanwhile, increasing your outreach to cooperate and collaborate with others is important and the timing looks good.

Tip of the Week : March 14 - 21, 2014

The last official days of the season signal a time to reflect, in the light of the Full Moon (March 16). Mercury is in the final days of its shadow period during which time it recovers ground lost while retrograde. Confused thoughts, perceptions and communications and disruptions with technology are some of the main issues that synchronize with this cycle. Now Mercury will re-enter Pisces (March 17 – April 7), one of its more challenging sign positions. This transit has been compared to trying to communicate underwater. Well, that is a bit exaggerated but pay attention to see the synchronicities. So it could feel like Mercury is still retrograde until April 7 when it enters Aries. Positively, it can prove useful for imaginative thinking but can be a deterrent to practical productivity.

Mars then Saturn turned retrograde on March 1st and 2nd respectively. I offered a review for Mars in my February 28 Horoscope so I will direct you there to learn more. Yet, of additional note is that it has been in very close conjunction with the Moon`s North Node in Libra ever since mid-February. This brings the `iron fist, velvet glove` theme resonant with Libra to the fore. Coupled with Uranus in Aries, the sign Mars rules, which presents an unpredictable and potentially violent theme pattern, it is not surprising that we are seeing the synchronicity in the uprisings in Kiev and then the Russian military presence in other parts of the Ukraine right away thereafter. That energy pattern is bound to manifest somehow and somewhere and in a big way and the basic themes of military muscle maneuvers is bound to continue.

As for Saturn in Scorpio (Oct. 2012 – Sept. 2015), this cycle can basically be described as metamorphic. Yes, the world is changing deeply and quickly. When a planet is retrograde the plot thickens and deepens regarding the themes it implies. With Saturn in Scorpio it activates a determined search of meaning and truths that transcend outer realities and appearances. Outwardly this aspect can produce fixed attitudes and a crusading spirit. We are certainly seeing some examples of this in the Ukraine. Stay tuned!

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