Pisces Horoscope : October 11 – 18, 2013

Somehow you are in the midst of the beginning of the end. The lure of new opportunities and adventures are strong. A learning curve that demands commitment is the payment due. The work load of late has likely been large and this will continue. Gaining a scope of the bigger picture over the long term feels important. Meditate to receive guidance from within.

Tip of the Week : October 11 - 18, 2013

As the new season gains momentum themes of justice, equality and the need for cooperation, tolerance and acceptance of differences and of change are resounding on the airwaves. These themes are all closely linked to the archetype of Libra, which at best implies diplomacy, fairness, balance, harmony and appreciation of all sides of any argument. The principle of balance is dynamic and not static. This means that the balance point is always moving. Thus, to maintain balance we must even ‘move on’ with the rhythm and flow of changes. This is the basic challenge of life. So, here we are at a pivotal point in time and history. In some respects things have not changed. The drama rages on despite a steady ‘progress’ of civilization. Yet to assume that the steady progression of time, into the future, means that things will get progressively better than they were is idealistic and represents a linear point of view. While our modern world with all its science and technology and certainly made many improvements, they have also caused their fair share of issues. In the cycles of life and there are many, there are high and lows that every generation experiences. Currently, strife and struggle rage on all over the world. Such conflict is an ancient theme and yet it remains in full force illustrating that it is a core feature of human life. The shutdown of government in the U.S. is a prime example. As might be expected at this juncture of civilization, where technology progressively challenges traditional lines of division and consequent cultural differences, the birth pains of the steadily emerging global village ensue. According to the general indication of planetary alignments, simple solutions are unlikely anytime soon. In fact, the overall pattern points to a steady rise in this revolutionary juncture. Next week’s Full Moon in Aries should illustrate this point quite clearly. Stay tuned…

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