Virgo Horoscope : July 5 – 12, 2013

What are your hopes and dreams? These are important questions to answer and the sooner the better. These are likely to be linked to expanding your network, to collaborating and perhaps to publishing or getting the word out there in new and exciting ways. Your willingness to take new leads, learn new skills and approaches is essential. Big results call for big action.

Tip of the Week : July 5 - 12, 2013

The first New Moon of Summer occurs on July 8th at 12:14 am PDT, so it takes place on July 7th for most of the world. The eclipses in April and May and the ‘Super Moon’ of June sure have delivered in terms of synchronizing with powerful events. I am referring to the massive flooding the world over. These peak points in the cycles of nature are not easy to predict, but they are certain to occur and the endeavor to be able to predict where and when they will occur constitutes the roots of science and astrology. These powerful events have and continue to bring about the change and transformation that they were predicted to produce this year. Astrologers sent this warning out earlier this year. I made clear mention of it in my Horoscope for the Year 2013 which is posted on my website, along with forecasts for each sign covering 2013. Regarding the catastrophic impact of nature that have and continue to be visited upon humanity, finding the silver lining can be especially tough in the wake of such widespread tragedy and devastation. Perhaps the rare and powerful exact Grand Trine in Water between Jupiter in Cancer, Saturn in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces on July 17th will reveal the inner gift of these events. This is a rare and powerful alignment because it is exact to the degree and involves 3 of the 5 far planets. The odds of this occurring are very low and yet here we are at this powerful and pivotal time having the privileged opportunity to experience it. I will bring more attention to it next week. The synchronistic effects of it are certain yet difficult to pinpoint because cosmic alignments affect people and places here on earth relative to their respective reality and circumstance – cycles within cycles. Whatever happens, we can expect it to be very big and overflowing with emotion and inspirations too! P.S. The New Moon in Cancer occurs on July 8 at 12:14 am PDT.

Michael O’Connor
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