Good Astrology

Astrology is a very useful and powerful tool, when used respectfully, to identify and activate alignment and authenticity in a person. This is the sunstar-logo-06c_cmykdeeper expression of this powerful and time-honored art, yet too many people use it and see it as just another fortune telling device. This illustrates just how much we have moved away from what is natural.

In our rather artificial world, these attributes are much rarer than might be imagined. This is one of the biggest reasons for the many issues that the promise of modern society is unable to meet. Disease, depression, stress, confusion, fear, materialism, cynicism, despair, addiction and alienation are some of the main issues that people all over the world are experiencing. This is due to the fact that modern society is too far out of tune with nature and natural cycles. We have deceived ourselves that we can willfully plow our way through life and overcome nature with our intellect. This is a grand illusion.

We can learn to cooperate and negotiate but notions of defeating nature are delusional. After all, where does nature end? Answer: it doesn’t. Yet, we continue to try overcoming it, to raping and pillaging and conquering it. Of course, there are many making sincere efforts to bring the scales back into balance, but probably not enough, yet. Making matters worse, entire industries have emerged that profit from the problems we face.

It is a sad irony that solving these problems is rejected or deflected so that the economy does not fail. And yet, the economy is failing. The reason is simple. We have lost touch even with the idea of what being more authentic even means. Again this is where Astrology can help greatly.

Good Astrology looks at who a person is and intuitively accesses insights, inspirations, and strategies to help people to tune in more consciously to what constitute authentic orientation, choice, and action. For this reason, Astrology can prove to be a very worthwhile investment leading to healing and activation of connection to one core and authenticity.

However, if the focus of the Astrologer is purely upon predicting events, they fail miserably to activate this quality of approach that both Astrology and people who are sincere in their desire to make use of it. It simply becomes a game of seeing if the future can be predicted. This is shallow Astrology and that is what is most frequently offered out there, from what is most apparent.

There are Astrologers who work at deeper levels but they are the fewer. Woven within this approach of identifying and activating a connection to one’s authenticity is an inherent spirituality that reflects a deep appreciation of and alignment with nature. After all, when we refer to the character in a person, we are actually, at least indirectly, speaking of human nature. The word nature is not arbitrarily placed here. However, too much of how we see ourselves and reality itself is not natural, it is rather contrived and artificial.

Good Astrology helps people by stimulating their primary relationship, which is the one we each have with our own body, mind, heart and soul. To the extent that we are aligned with this relationship in its full scope, is the extent to which we can say that our lives are spiritually connected. This connection serves as the foundation for true success.

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