Guidance is Close at Hand

 Guidance, insight and support are close at hand.  All sessions are digitally recorded and sent to you promptly by email and include your Birth Chart (and any others used in your session, upon request) + specially selected inspirational and self-help articles to support you to take the insights and guidance you will receive in your Reading to a deeper level yet contributing to your self-actualization process in whatever area of life you are focused upon.

Sessions by phone, Skype, Messenger…


After your initial call to make an appointment and/or you have completed the form under the Make an Appointment tab on the menu bar and completed the payment process, I will call you anywhere in North America including Hawaii and Alaska by phone or anywhere in the world via Skype or Messenger. Naturally, we will have to it set-up so we can correspond using these free apps.
Sessions can be as short as 30 & up to 180 minutes


*Please Note: Regarding shorter Reading sessions, such as 30 minutes, these are usually best reserved for follow-up sessions but can also be applied to first time sessions, where one and possibly two areas of interest can be covered, probably not more. Sessions are divided into 15-minute increments such as, 30, 45, 60, 75, 90, 105 minutes…. Learn more

(250) 352-6871

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