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Knowing Your Birth Time is Ideal but Not Essential

A common assumption when it comes to the consideration of Having an Astrology Reading of is that the time of birth is absolutely essential. The time of birth is valuable, it is true. It does support accuracy and this is especially true in regards to prediction. But there is much more to be gained from astrology than simply gaining predictions of what might be. Astrology provides rich insights about your character and destiny and helps you to look deeply within as opposed to simply forward or back.

So, you do not strictly need to know the time when you were born, at least not the exact time, which is its own luxury. Having the correct time is ideal. Choosing to have a session that focuses on Chart Rectification is also ideal and this can and is often done when even a close approximate time is given. Or, even if you have no idea whatsoever what time you were born, having a Chart Rectification Reading is great and ideal, but not absolutely necessary. Rectifying a Chart, can in some instances take a couple of hours or even longer. Thus you can begin to imagine that there is a price, literally, that must be factored in. Few astrologers will do this service for free unless you are a friend and so on.

Sometimes a time can be determined quite quickly, but it ever remains a challenge to be 100% certain of the accuracy as a chart hosts a variety of factors that can produce any given event. It simply is not that linear due to the complexities of human nature and the matrix of relationships and the range and scope of circumstances any individual person experiences. So, the choice remains whether to focus on deciphering the exact time, a fine art in itself and one that can require ever several hours, or you go proceed with other angles of perspective as illustrated above or both. Astrology is remarkably flexible in its application and approach and every angle offers its own unique and valuable perspective on a person’s character, destiny and even the timing and impact of significant turning points, probable events and opportunities, as well.

Regarding the interest in predictions, it should also be noted here that the future is probable, but not certain. I have highlighted this statement as I have written another article that focuses specifically on it. Western Astrology has evolved to support the full reign of free will. Traditionally with Western Astrology and still to this day with Vedic Astrology, making predictions is the main objective. But, in our modern ‘westernized world’ learning how to exercise our free will is at least as important as making or receiving predictions. But this is not to say that the future is not probable, because it is. Yet, how we interpret the probabilities and how we approach them, ushers in the importance of possibility and the prospects of increasing our capacities to make use of our free will choices. I devote more attention to this important distinction and evolutionary theme in my article: The Future is Probable but not Certain.
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