Mercury Direct, Cauac, et al…

Mercury Direct, Cauac, et al…

Mercury is Direct! This is the big news in the world of astrology right now. Since it does so three times per year, it is not such a rare event. However, combined with the retrograde cycle of Venus, which ended a couple of weeks back, they together produced a double whammy; one might say a ‘great storm’.

This storm is not a literal storm but a psychological one. Emotional ups and downs, confusion, false starts, delays, misunderstandings, and interpersonal conflicts and so on are some of the symptoms. Naturally, these are regular aspects of life, yet the storm periods increase the scope and intensity.

Speaking of storms, in the Mayan Dreamspell Calendar, we are in a Storm year.  The Mayan word is Cauac (Ka-wak) which is the only glyph of the 20 that uses onomatopoeia, which means that the word sounds like the event which is meant to represent:  the sound of lightning thundering. In that system, the New Year begins on July 26 coinciding with the rising of Sirius.

Cauac can basically be described as the cleansing and healing processes that we experience after a heavy storm with torrential rains and thunder and lightning. Moreover, in that system, it is 11 Cauac, which is described as ‘Resonant’. 11 or Resonance implies a process of ‘getting out of one’s own way’ to facilitate the introduction of new norms, which can also be described as the need to break old patterns. It symbolizes a temporary chaos as old and new merge and seeks new integration.

Altogether, when these two archetypes are combined, the storm may be described as larger than usual and this is where the focus on Mercury and Venus overlapping in their retrograde cycles comes to the fore. Upon reflection, you may notice very distinct changes occurring everywhere, as though the deck has been reshuffled. This process will continue until the new cycle begins so tune-in.

The next big factor is The Moon’s Nodes changing signs from Virgo and Pisces to Leo and Aquarius (yes, they retrograde) on May 9th. I addressed this in my May 12 Weekly Horoscope and provided a glimpse of what each sign can expect over the course of the 18-month cycle it implies. So, I will not elaborate further here except to say that it will introduce the next wave of destiny before this Mayan year cycle is complete.

It should be noted that Mars and Venus will both be activated by the Moon’s Nodes for the first 6 months of the cycle. Combined with the North Node in Leo, this cycle could prove very arousing and provocative indeed. The mythic lovers will not actually conjoin until October 5th in Virgo, but they will produce a ‘sextile’ on June 9th in Taurus and Cancer, respectively, a very fertile match, as Venus races to catch up to Mars to form that connection.

Mercury is Direct, alright. It resumes forward motion is the wake of other significant cycles, as is ever true with the overlapping of cycles, but in the here and now, this is the big news. Tune-in also to Resonant Cauac and trust the changes that are unfolding everywhere challenging us all to cooperate and adapt. All this is occurring under the light of the First Quarter Moon (half moon waxing) which is an activator itself of the assertive temperament of Mars in Aries. Cauac!

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