Now Things are Getting Really Interesting!

Now Things are Getting Really Interesting!

You will have to read this article in its entirety to better understand what I mean by the title. But it begins with the following astrological facts:

Today, April 28, 2017, the Moon Conjunct Mars, Venus Enters Aries & Mercury, Conjunct Uranus & Eris… wow, that’s quite a line-up. There is a lot that can be said with this triple event which occurred over the span of 5 hours and 33 minutes.

By way of a brief breakdown, The Moon conjunct Mars is common enough and it occurs about once a month. But the Moon conjunct Mars at 4 Gemini 47 is unique. This unique fact is illustrative of the fact that while the Moon has a regular cycle of 27.3 days when it conjuncts another planet is ever combined with the fact that the planet in question is always in motion as well. This happens all the time and with all the planetary pairs. But it is worth mentioning now.

One of the main points, here, is that when any two planets form a conjunction, a new cycle begins. When it involves the Moon, the duration of the cycle is as long as it takes for the Moon to conjunct that same planet again, which is not very long. The longest stretch will be with Mercury as it moves fairly fast as well, but not very much. This is where the principle of cycles within cycles comes to the fore.

What is of extra significance is the degree of Mars at the time of conjunction and the aspects it makes. It becomes an anchor point to the deeper implications of the entire cycle. So, the next conjunction of the Moon and Mars is on May 26 at 24 Gemini 16. I say this to simply illustrate the duration of this cycle. It is also noteworthy that the Moon will conjunct each planet in its 27.3-day cycle + the forward motion of the planet in question. It gets a bit heady, but the point should be clear.

Thus, over the course of about a month, the Moon activates a new cycle based on a relationship with each planet. So, it happens all the time. But, it does provide the opportunity to look deeper at the implications of the cycle in question. With all this said, the point is that 4 Gemini 47 contains within it the influence of the sign Cancer. Mars in Cancer can be described as the ‘renovator’ and it can manifest as emotionally abusive attitudes and actions.

So, heads up on your own behavior and your interactions with others, this next month stands to be pretty sharp and edgy and aggressive and damaging or wounding, at worst. But it can also prove very constructive, when applied or expressed well, as in the fruits of a renovation process.

The other factor is Venus re-entering Aries, which it did just shy of 4 hours earlier. The implications of this in light of Mars is that when it entered Aries, the sign ruled by Mars, it activated Mars. It works like that in Astrology. This activation is metaphysical and psychological, thus it will manifest in our attitudes and behaviors. The fact that Mercury conjunct Uranus and the very far planet, Eris, which is way out there past Pluto and all in Aries, indicates a powerful activation of consciousness. Briefly, Eris is the feminine equivalent of Mars, the goddess of war. As the sister of Mars, ‘she’ represents the feminine side of aggression, of war, of assertiveness, of anger, of moving out into the world. You may notice it as a lot of mental, intellectual and/or metaphysical activity backed by an assertive charge which could well manifest as aggressive. Given that Mercury is involved, this cycle of influence will continue until Mercury completes a cycle and returns back to the next conjunction with Uranus and Eris too.

Keeping it simple, watch the synchronicities linked to this theme over the next YEAR, because, due to Mercury’s retrograde process, it will do so twice prior to forming the next conjunction with Uranus again in mid-May 2018!

What is of further significance is that, due to Uranus’s relatively slow motion and its own retrograde process, the conjunction will occur again within 1 degree of the same position in the Zodiac it is in this year, 25 and 24 degree Aries. Then that cycle will last for yet another year until May of 2019, but in Taurus and Eris will not be involved to the same extent, anyway. What this suggests is that our minds are being opened, pried open, in some cases. This is occurring on a global collective level. Some people will tune-in consciously and thereby be able to cooperate consciously, you reading this, for example, while many others will receive this activation indirectly, vicariously and reactively.

This combination of energies can be recognized as an awakening of new modes of perception subject to an increased capacity for intuitive reasoning. 

Often, in this day and age, reasoning and intuition are not aligned, but this suggests that an important change is brewing. I think more and more people are going to begin to reason less on the basis of facts alone and more on the basis of intuitive knowing. This ‘knowing’ has deep spiritual implications. I say this because the conjunction is occurring in the *‘dwad’  of Capricorn which, in turn, is ruled by Saturn which is currently conjunct the Galactic Center which, in Astrology, is recognized as a very spiritual point, even if it is subject to precession (1-degree of forward motion every 72 years).

*(30 degrees or 1 Zodiac sign divided by 12, the Zodiac within with the Zodiac = a dwad (also spelled as duad), which = a fractal of influence, a very real influence even if not initially apparent)

Next year when the conjunction occurs, Saturn will be positioned at 8 Capricorn and will be retrograde. What that suggests is that this intuitive activation will lead us into new territory. It may well manifest simply as a boost in the position of quantum physics, which is as close to metaphysics as material science can get. Now, things are getting really interesting!

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