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Having a strategy to support your dreams and goals is grounding and empowering and it can prove especially inspiring when it is in alignment with your core nature, true values, and destiny. That is what I mean by strategy.

Do you want or need and new and better strategy?

Engaging your free will to take realistic action that is logical, practical and effective to co-create your dreams and desires in accordance with outer realities and inner truths.

With the tools of Astrology, I can guide you to take practical action backed by a plan that is strategic and tailored to your evolutionary needs and current life cycles.

A strategy that is both effective and authentic requires that we know who we are and what we want in a more personal sense and that meets with our true needs and values.

There are many types of strategy one may employ but it is especially satisfying when we work with a strategy that includes our own inspired sense of creative intelligence. In this respect, creative intelligence reveals a personal process that should not merely be reduced to the notion of common sense actions.

Strategy implies a plan that is sound, realistic and logical. When we activate strategy in our lives it suggests that we are in the game. When we move beyond reaction, doubt, confusion and fear and we employ a strategic approach we feel more confident that we can and will succeed.

Taking the steps and measures of crafting and implementing an effective strategy are what separates leaders from followers, winning as opposed to losing.

Gaining a clearer sense of who you are, where you are at now in your life and what is important are insights that I can provide you with for the sake of creating an exciting and authentically tailored strategy supported by the depth, scope, and vision that the insights of Astrology and Numerology can provide.

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