Testimonials for Newsletter

Testimonials: Newsletter

 I really implore you to keep those incredible Newsletters coming. They not only up lift me, they inspire me, to want to do better and be a more
caring and compassionate person.  Kara


I enjoy your newsletters very much!   Thank you for all of your hard work in compiling them. I have been referring to those times every month for many years!  Thanks, I appreciate you.


Just WOW Michael. Your insights provided in your Special Edition article: Uranus Square Pluto the 7th of 7 all resonates truth, deeply. Excellent read! As always, a stunning read, great info and explanations!  I can’t wait for the next Eclipse newsletter! Thank you!!

Love and miracles, Theoni


Michael, I just wanted to say I have long enjoyed your articulate wisdoms and words and your work resonates with me very strongly.

I loved this newsletter and so thank you for being you and for working so hard to bring light, growth and balance into the world. :)

Blessings, Kerri-anne


I enjoy your newsletters very much! Thank you for all of your hard work in compiling them. I have been referring to those many times every month for many years! Thanks, I appreciate you.


Awesome newsletter Michael!! I would love to learn astrology from you!!! Much admiration and love for your work. Theoni,



Hi Michael, I love your deeply insightful and informative newsletter. Regards Tamara



Thank you for the insights on the transit of Venus and the upcoming new moon. As usual I found myself on your website trying to figure out what was going on ( wildly/ interestingly different / weird week) and I was heartened to read your breakdown of things . It really helps to have your perspective ! It resonates true and is a great tool. I just wanted to give you some feedback about your good works and tell you how much it has been aiding me to stay in the creative / positive. I look forward to seeing you in person and of course your future posts. Thanks.



Thank you for your newsletter. Beautiful work.




Thanks Michael………..insightful and right on!!!!! Love and best wishes for all your insightful dialogue :-) Such a treat!!!



So glad you don’t ‘dumb down’ your writing. It was your writing style and the terminology used that caught my eye so many years ago. Yes, perhaps you make some of us run after, which is to say somewhat behind, you, but you are also teaching people how to fish. Perhaps some would prefer to just be handed the fish already wrapped? I can’t count how many times what you wrote
and said was right on. At any rate, don’t go changing ♪ Best wishes, Keith.



Hi Michael, I’ve wanted to tell you (and I realize I’m one among many) that I greatly admire your wonderful work and your gift of Deep Insight. fyi Often I forward your site to friends — recommending (even a long distance) reading. June.



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