The Magic of Astrology

When an Astrology Birth Chart is analyzed with a deeper understanding of the spiritual realities it reveals, and the insights shared with the objective of outlining strengths, challenges and the timing of major beginnings, turning points, culminations and endings and so on, the recipient will, if the practitioner is sufficiently knowledgeable, experienced and skilled, quickly realize that the Astrologer, as if by some magic or clairvoyance or crystal ball, or what have you, possesses knowledge and insights that are very personal, subtle, deep and precise that he/she should not otherwise know.

The use of the term magic is somewhat accurate but not entirely. It is accurate in as much as the metaphysical principles upon which Astrology rests may validly be deemed to be magic or magical, but from the perspective of holism, metaphysics and even of quantum physics, how and why Astrology works is more accurately interpreted as science. Yet, the term science, here, is not limited to the conclusions of materialism.

Considering the marvels of ‘modern science’ and the power and grandeur of sophisticated technology, some of the juicier fruit of science, it is common to use the term magic to describe our achievements. For example, if a person from say the 1800’s watched someone today making common use of a computer or cell phone, for example, they would likely describe it as some kind of magic, even though the term is used metaphorically. The same may be said of simple terms used to explain how and why Astrology works. It works like magic but it is ultimately scientific. The main difference is that the term science, here, is linked to metaphysics and not merely to physics.

The materialistic paradigm, when examined closely, reveals perceptions and conclusions that can be described as slanted and subject to a very specific paradigm. Yet, ironically, it is not perceived that way. Modern science is often perceived as embodying final and conclusive truths. Albert Einstein’s pivotal assertion that ‘the observer cannot be removed from the experiment’ continues to challenge the assumption that pure objectivity can be achieved.   Consequently, those who continue to adhere to the notion that pure objectivity can be achieved, do so from the stance of bias, dogma, selective perception, social conditioning and of pride.

All of the above are the very attitudes that the higher reaches of the promoters of the scientific revolution some three or so centuries ago strived to overcome. In effect, the materialistic paradigm has become its own form of religion, stubbornly refusing to accept that, by the very conclusions drawn from the scientific method, its initial hypothesis that pure objectivity can be achieved was wrong, or at least limited. The paradoxes of quantum physics have proven this very fact and in so doing has quietly ushered in a new revolution altogether, a revolution of consciousness itself. The materialistic paradigm, or the paradigm of physics, maintains that consciousness comes from matter whereas the metaphysical paradigm asserts that matter is a by-product of consciousness. That astrology works so well, and it does, provides a solid body of evidence to support the latter, that consciousness precedes matter. This paradigm constitutes what can be described as spiritual science.

Under the broad heading of spiritual science, other terms can be applied such as metaphysics or holism. When we investigate further into these realms we quickly recognize many, various tools and modes of perception that represent meaningful themes that can otherwise be described as revealing a deep sense of intelligence, intention, purpose, and creativity. In other words, we can in effect recognize an archetypal blueprint and even gain accurate, insightful, helpful and, thereby, valuable information. People who work with these metaphysical tools are often generally classified as psychics and clairvoyants. Because Astrology is based on empirical principles and employs very measurable rules and methods, an astrologer can actually interpret a chart from a purely logical perspective. Yet, the results of accuracy are often interpreted as psychic, clairvoyant and even as magic.

The use of the term clairvoyance to describe how astrology works is accurate in as much as Astrology is a tool that supports us to ‘see through and beyond what normal sense perception and even intuition and logic alone can see without such a ‘tool’. The notion of a crystal ball is not entirely accurate, yet an Astrology chart may as well be metaphorically described as such a device because it can glean many of the same types of forecasts as we might expect from the traditional perspective on how a crystal ball works.

The results we can achieve from a deep interpretation of an Astrological Birth Chart may well be described as magical. However, the term magical is used to summarize or simplify a much more intricate and complex order of realities, which when unraveled reveals a logical and systematic order to existence. These can basically be described as multiple dimensions. In turn, these reveal an intrinsic intelligence woven into the very fabric of life. That the methods of the modern scientific paradigm cannot measure these realities does not mean they do not exist. What it suggests is that the methods of measurement and interpretation themselves must be reconsidered. Humanity has arrived at this stalemate and it is not one that will likely be resolved quickly. One of the main reason is that the materialism of modern science invariably woven into the economy. The other end of the argument arises, however: Are we merely material beings having material experiences or are we spiritual beings having human experiences. The magic of astrology clearly reveals that the answer is that we are indeed spiritual beings, souls incarnate.


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