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Tune in to the Moon

The 29.5-day cycle of the Moon, from one exact New Moon to the next is called the Lunation Cycle. It takes 27.3 days for the Moon to return to the place it prior, thus to complete a cycle, yet another 2.2 days or so to actually produce a New Moon. This is called the Synodic Cycle of the Moon is is basically due to the advancement of the Sun which moves 1 degree per days, while the Moon travels 12-14 degrees. So, it takes about 2.5 days to transit through each sign. Over this period, the Moon also moves through 8-Phases.

The Moon cycle is the shortest of all the planetary transit cycles, yet so important is the Moon that each cycle can be referred to as ‘another brick in the wall’, which is to say, the wall requires every brick, thus each one holds inherent importance. The New Moon can also be regarded as a ‘celestial seed event’. It provides its own focal point or snapshot for where all the planets are positioned at the exact time of the New Moon and can be regarded in its own light as a theme for the month. Of course, there are ever overlapping cycles.

On a personal note, how Sign and House position of the New Moon activates a new cycle of experience with specific implications. The Moon is generally New in each sign consecutively, but due to the 31-day possibility of the Sun’s cycle compared to the 29.5-day period of the Lunation Cycle, the Moon can be New in the same sign twice. More common is the fact that, due to the size of the Houses in one’s Natal Chart, the Moon can certainly be New twice in a given House. In any case, the New Moon is a Sign and House will activate a theme of experience and change in your life. This will prove especially true when it is making close or hard aspects to key planets and angles.

Then, of course, there are Solar and Lunar Eclipses, which are generally understood to produce larger effects. But this is not necessarily true. A regular New Moon that is strongly positioned and making close and hard aspects will have stronger effects than even a Total Solar Eclipse that is not making close and hard aspects to planets in our Natal Chart.

There are 4 main Moon Phases: New to Half to Full = waxing then waning to Half then New again. However, these phases are commonly divided into 8 and their technical headings are as follow: New, Crescent, 1st Quarter, Gibbous, Full, Disseminating, Last Quarter, Balsamic As mentioned, the Moon can be New twice in a row in a sign, but usually not. What this indicates, among other things, is that each time the Moon is in a Sign, it is in a different Phase.

Each phase lends its own special influence along with the Sign and House. So, the influence is never entirely pat and this is especially true because the angles of relationship between all the planets are ALWAYS changing and therefore different. The main point is that the New Moon in Aries, for example, will be New in March or April, as the case may be according to the exact date of the New Moon each year. Then, the next month it will actually be Balsamic and waning. In other words, the Moon in any given sign is in a different Phase each month and the ‘Phase Cycle’ is in reverse. Now, that is something to ponder.

The Sign, House and Phase of the Moon and the Aspects it makes to other planets and the major ‘angles’ (Ascendant, Descendant, M.C. I.C.) in one’s Natal Chart actually reveals core information regarding one’s entire destiny, as well as personality traits and natural habit patterns, attitudes, modes of perception and behaviour.

The Moon also undergoes a 29.5-year Progression Cycle. This is exactly the period for Saturn’s complete cycle and both Saturn by transit the Progressed Moon cycle are very significant timers for major life cycles, flows, changes and turning points. This amounts to the Moon remaining in each sign for 2.5 years and the same is basically true of Saturn. The duration can be longer or shorter regarding House positions. In both respects, the entire cycle is very significant regarding one’s destiny and the progression through the Signs and Houses reveal very clear themes and significant cycles of change.


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