Tutorial Reading

Tutorial Reading

Learn Astrology while you get a Reading!

Most clients are not interested at all in knowing the symbolic code language of Astrology, or of the “how and why” certain interpretations are given. But some are, and occasionally request that I provide a Tutorial type of Reading.

If you are a student of Astrology or would simply like to get a Reading that illustrates to you the inner logic, techniques, and strategies of Astrology, (and there are many), then this kind of Reading session via a live screen-share, is for you!

Whether your focus is on a deeper understanding of your Natal Chart, or upon current Transits and/or Progressions, or you want to better understand the dynamics of understanding how to interpret a Solar or Lunar Return chart, or you want a better appreciation of your AstroCartography according to the facts it presents and so on… you can opt for this angle of approach and Michael will be happy to accommodate your curiosity and learning interest.

Make an appointment to learn more about yourself and the amazing world of Astrology today!

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