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Awakening your intuitive faculties to see through and beyond daily circumstances and realities to see the larger purpose of your life & your inherent spiritual nature and recognizing within both, your destiny. To live with vision is to live with a deep sense of purpose and passion that inspires strength and courage to realize success. That is what I mean by vision.

When practiced with visionary intent, Astrology has the great capacity to help us to awaken to and identify with what constitutes a vision for our life. Beyond simply the faculty of sight, having a vision for our life helps us to see a larger sweep of reality and it allows us to feel that we are one with it. Vision expands our perspectives, uplifts our overall attitude and fortifies our resolve.Vision draws from within us the capacity to endure and overcome obstacles that would otherwise seem insurmountable, to make more easily sacrifices for the sake of a greater good.

Vision lifts us beyond the mundane realities of life. No matter what are our roles, duties, or tasks, however simple they may seem, vision produces within us a deep sense of unity and communion with life.

When a parent proclaims that they are not simply raising a child but are procuring in their child a foundation of maturity and integrity to living a meaningful life and to make a contribution to society, their intent is guided by vision.

When a person expands their scope and affirms their self-worth and directs their choices and actions to create a better world for their family, or others in general, or for future generations, they are living their life inspired by a vision.

When our life is guided by vision, we respond to life’s challenges proactively versus reactively. What were once apparently large challenges and sufferings can quickly dissolve in the light of vision. It uplifts us from an attitude of feeling victimized and weak.

Vision fortifies our will to be and do and it activates the creative genius we each possess. It is living life guided by a vision that leads people to do and achieve things greater than they or anyone else ever could have believed possible.

Living with a true sense of vision is most certainly an indication our life is guided in response to love and not to fear.

All of our faculties are brought to the fore and raised to their highest potential when our life is guided by vision.

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Live your life guided by a vision to actualize your highest potentials.





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