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What Lies Ahead For You?

Assessing the probable turns and events for the coming year, their main theme, the areas of your life they are destined to effect and their timing is a significant feature of what I can provide you with the help of Astrology and Numerology.

Gaining knowledge and guidance about what lies ahead in terms of dates and likely scenarios is a core feature of the ancient art and science of astrology. It includes where you are at now in your journey, it can include a valuable review of where you are coming from, both in terms of what motivates you, what turns, events and choices have contributed to where you are at now, where you are going to and, what is next? Such questions are addressed in most kinds of Readings and especially in the following selections:

Life Reading12 Month ForecastLife Changes and TimingThe 5-Year PlanCurrent Influences and Future Directions

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Are you moving forward as confidently as you would like? Do you feel the need for some guidance and direction?

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