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Destiny requires that we clarify where we are headed, to get directions at key junctures, turning points and crossroads along the way, and to best decipher the next leg of our journey.  

In addition to immediate, practical concerns and interests, the insights I can provide you with the help of astrology can reach very deeply indeed.

What constitutes the core features of your destiny? What about your psychology and your spiritual life? We all have karmic patterns that we were born with. These are not limited to genetics or social conditioning, even though these factors certainly are important.

What are the deeper details of your karma and destiny?

Answering these questions is where astrology reveals some of it great profundity. I have devoted over 35 years to answering these and other such questions. I look forward to sharing such deep insights with you!

For your convenience, here is a quick guide to the menu bar:

Under Make an Appointment you will see a helpful form to guide you to provide the basic information required and support you to provide any additional background and details you may like to support you to achieve the clarity, accuracy, and depth of insight you seek.

Under Readings, you can learn more about the many kinds of Readings I offer. 

Under Pricing, you can learn more about lengths of Readings available and the cost of each of the time amounts listed.

I look forward to the privilege of serving you! 


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