Michael O'Connor

25+ years of professional practice, serving an international clientele.

Relevant, Accurate Insight

Practical, affirming guidance, supporting clarity and focus to achieve your goals, dreams, and full potential.

Professional Astrologer

A powerful blend of Astrology, Numerology & Life Coaching, to Guide Your Future Probabilities and Possibilities.

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Insight * Guidance * Strategy

Get Valuable Insight and Guidance About Your Life with a Powerful Synthesis of

Astrology, Numerology and Life Coaching.

Make Informed and Timely Decisions,

Balancing Practical Needs, and Spiritual Destiny.

Michael O'Connor, Astrologer and Life Coach

Has COVID-19 and lockdowns impacted your job, or the harmony in your family?

Learn how these Astrology Readings can help you in these challenging times with:

Your Career, and Family Relationships.

25+ years of full-time professional practice with an international clientele. See testimonials.

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Astrology Readings

Benefit from over 25 years of experience to better understand the true ‘you’ beyond outer pressures and layers of social conditioning.

Michael O'Connor, Astrologer - Light Life Coaching


Guiding you to make wise choices and take strategic action, in alignment with right timing and your destiny.

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