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Michael O'Connor

25+ years of professional practice, serving an international clientele.

Relevant, Accurate Insight

Practical, affirming guidance, supporting clarity and focus to achieve your goals, dreams, and full potential.

Professional Astrologer

A powerful blend of Astrology, Numerology & Life Coaching, to Guide Your Future Probabilities and Possibilities.

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Insight * Guidance * Strategy

Get Valuable Insight and Guidance About Your Life with a Powerful Synthesis of

Astrology, Numerology and Life Coaching.

Make Informed and Timely Decisions,

Balancing Practical Needs, and Spiritual Destiny.

Michael O'Connor, Astrologer and Life Coach

Have the events of the past year impacted your job, or relationships?

Learn how these Astrology Readings can help you in these challenging times with:

Your Career and Family Relationships and Your Significant Other

25+ years of full-time professional practice with an international clientele. See testimonials.

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Benefit from over 25 years of experience to better understand the true ‘you’ beyond outer pressures and layers of social conditioning.

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Guiding you to make wise choices and take strategic action, in alignment with right timing and your destiny.

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