12 Month Forecast

12-Month Forecast

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This is perhaps the most practical kind of Reading that clients return to year after year. This type of Reading jumps right in to the dynamic flow of your life providing key dates, themes and their duration periods. Although some cycles and their respective themes last longer than a year, at least you can be aware of the time frame and peak periods indicated for the coming 12 months.

Anytime is a good time for the begin date of a 12-Month Forecast. Often clients look to either the end of the year as in November or December in preparation for the yearly cycle set to begin and often January and February are popular times. The other key time clients often aim for is around and ideally just prior to your actual birth day.

What this type of Reading does not do specifically is address the deeper themes illustrated in your Natal Chart. While getting a Natal Chart first is not required prior to a 12 Month Forecast, it is generally ideal to have a Natal Chart Reading done first since all the transits and progressions refer back to it. But once again, you are welcome to jump right in even if it is your very first Reading session with Michael.

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