The title of this video, aside from its refreshing perspectives, is very appropriate for our times…What is Reality? I encourage you to watch this 7-minute video before reading the reflections upon it below…

To say that the world will never be the same is one answer to this question in light of the powerful period of history in the making we are collectively experiencing at this time. Although the intent of this video is to outline the realities of assumption operating at the highest levels of intellectual thought, I will bring it into context to our unprecedented times.

The reason why I am so confident that the scientific paradigm is based on false conclusions is simply because many branches of human knowledge undermine it, and these cannot genuinely be dismissed. Only selective perception and insincerity would attempt to do so. Thus the antics unfolding in the world in simple terms amounts to mass deception, whether it is rationalized and based on well-intended objectives or not. After all, making assumptions is among the most common of human frailties and is something we all do, or have done on many occasions. Although what is happening in the world over is very synchronistic, in terms of astrological principles and measurements, what is also being revealed is the human condition and we are now, and will progressively discover, just how toxic some portions of the human family as a global body politic has become. As well, a contributing factor of why they have become so can be directly linked to materialism.

It should be noted that the perception of materialism is ancient. One can also argue that much evil has been perpetrated on humanity in the name of religion. The simple truth of this is that materialistic attachments and attitudes have always existed. They can more basically be described as ego-centrism, which is the core feature of a mind gripped by materialistic rationalization, and it has, and continues to predominate even in the minds of people who hold high positions of religious power. Of course, religion and religious power and religious authorities do not necessarily equate with genuinely spiritual attitudes and behaviours. This is simply a fact of the human condition and I do not have any interest in demonizing anyone. As mentioned, ‘they’ are us and only by deeply embracing this spiritual truth will we heal from the illnesses that plagues humanity and our world in general, whether these are physical, emotional, mental or spiritual imbalances.

In the broadest sense cancer may be understood as the outer expression, the consequence of spiritual amnesia. The term, spiritual, in this sense may be understood as representing a whole or holistic weave of physical, emotional, mental layers which are what we are basically comprised of. In the broadest and most general sense, the term spiritual points to unity, oneness, non-separation, the invariable weave of apparent parts operating as one whole and as a continuum.

I regard both, fear and control, to be the expressions that stem from the root of materialism. Its tendency is to function, in terms of its interpretation of reality, as parts as opposed to as wholes and this can also be described as spiritual amnesia, which, in turn, can be understood to be the root of ego-centric attitudes.

Given the opportunity and reality of our times for common people to amass immense wealth and, subsequently, power, it is natural and to be expected that the ego would become severely inflated in some. Super ‘success’ along with the subsequent mindset, attitude and rationalizations that stem from it, which may be referred to as megalomania, might naturally manifest in the minds of many who have achieved such wealth and power as having achieved the status or ‘super’ man or woman.

Or, it may simply manifest as a justification to assume the posture of and play the role of a God. After all, since in the materialistic paradigm, the notion of a higher power does not exist. In this paradigm, life is random, arbitrary, the consequence of chance and, therefore, the attitude is that we and, in some cases, I must ‘take control’. At worst, the dignity of the reality of our inherent individual and collective spiritual essence, which inherently implies a deep sense of unity, has again, it would seem, to have been replaced by ego, the perceptions of which are separation, chaos, fear and control. This attitude and behaviour is actually easy to identify because principle in its attitude and behaviour patterns, what may, in fact, be understood to be its modus operandi, is the dangerously delusional perception of objectification. It tends invariably to manifest as a distorted mode of perception and behaviour such as rationalized deception, coercion and control, both of which are symptoms of fear.

Of course, this issue is very common among people and always has been. Upon closer investigation, it may be realized that it is this false notion that we see reality ‘precisely as it is’, as opposed to ‘how we are’ which refers to our subjective perceptions and interpretations that has since ancient times and continues to this day to represent the core feature of the teachings of spiritually ‘self-realized’ teachers.

The 9th sign of Sagittarius in the Astrological Zodiac represents the centaur, half human and half animal. As wonderful and precious as are animals, the instinct of animals in the human mind can basically be described as amounting to reactive and rationalized predator attitudes. Interestingly, Sagittarius is the sign that is also directly symbolic of the higher mind, the quest for higher truths, of ethics and moral principles and all matters genuinely philosophical, religious and spiritual pertaining to our essential state of unity. As the story goes, the internal battle between the beast and the human, instinct and intuition, ego and soul is what the deeper meaning of the centaur symbolizes. In other words, as the above video suggests, (pay close attention to 5 minutes 28 to 6 minutes 24), we have come to assume that perception is objective and the consequences of this delusion have never been more dire due to technology. The rationalizations and justifications of fear-based thinking and attitudes is a very old story and may be understood as the age-old bane of humanity. Among its principle weaknesses is the inability to empathize or feel compassion for the suffering of others. Probing more deeply into this very state of being, the very ability to feel empathy and compassion for others and life in general thereby represents what it means to genuinely and authentically express our true humanity.

So, as people, both individually and collectively ‘objectified’ attitudes, behaviours and actions invariably enforce rules and restrictions to ‘keep order’ as a natural reaction. In our modern world, with the advances of science channeled into technological prowess, such control can that much more easily be exercised and may even become a morbidly fascinating addiction of the ego-centered exercise of power. This is evident because the ego in place of the true expression of power of a spiritually guided mind will manifest as the desire to rationalize the need to control and restrict, as opposed to empower others.

Of course, the question of how to best empower others is a very important and complex matter and one which should be, would be, at the heart of focus and concern of a truly civilized culture. Given the current state of the human condition and what is unfolding in the world at this time in 2020, it is becoming increasingly clear that our technological prowess is surpassing our humanity due to the confusion of consciousness that has emerged between a realization of what is objective and what is subjective, as the video suggests. Only the love of truth and the truth of love will heal us from this disease caused by our confusion and set us free to truly live as the spiritual beings having human experiences that we are destined to live.

So, it is refreshing to hear scientists challenging their own convictions and methods. When they do it reopens the mind and has a way of transcending dogmatic attitudes which now pervade the mainstream narrative of science. It serves to activate new considerations and reopens our minds to reconsider what has come to be assumed to be ‘settled’, which is perhaps the single most unscientific term ever associated with scientific research.

This is why science too must be examined closely in terms of its core philosophy and subsequent features of its paradigm. If this is not done, consistently and progressively, the natural result will be it becoming calcified by assumptions of its absolute authority. As it has commonly come to be understood, power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. The danger of our times at this stage of history and the human condition, is that this power is no longer restricted to organized bodies of authority and elected officials.

That power has and is now becoming unleashed from any semblance of centralization. In some respects, this is very good while in others it can be understood to be very dangerous because it can operate in relative ‘isolation’. The checks and balances of a more structured and elected centralization of power are no longer present to safeguard the de-centralized exercise of power. This power, thereby, is never transparent and, in fact, it can and will and probably does remain hidden. Where as history monarchs and emperors certainly exercised great power, they were not able to remain isolated and hidden and their very status was invariably and directly tied to the collective which, in the healthiest instances, was devoted to the welfare and empowerment of the collective.

So, despite all outer considerations of ‘what is going on in the world’, why society is undergoing such massive changes and the rationalized actions taken to direct the course of events on a mass scale, it can be understood that at the heart of the matter, the issue is directly linked to our perception and interpretation of what is mean by the world spiritual. As mentioned, unity, oneness, non-separation, wholeness and holism are some word that aptly define what spiritual truly means, even though they too require further definition. The main point here is that it is important to remain humble and open to what constitutes conclusive definitions.

Fixed interpretations are clearly not substitutes for respecting alternative perceptions. Remember, science stood up to the dogmatic and corrupt posture of 16th and 17th century Roman Catholic Church to break free of its corrupt exercise of power, which was dismissive of any perception and belief which challenged its own, only to assume a posture of absolute authority rendering judgement about what is ‘science’ (Christian) and what is pseudoscience (un-Christian), for example, thereby exercising its power with absolute and final authority and, thereby with assumptive dismissals. Moreover, as mentioned, it no longer can be located such as in Rome or Buckingham Palace; now it lingers everywhere and pervades every inch of our world like an air born virus, yet one that is even more elusive than even the most minute germ.

All the while, its very methods, when examined closely, can be clearly proven to be limited and yet this is commonly conveniently overlooked, again casually dismissive of whatever it chooses to ignore as not qualifying as acceptable in its invariably limited paradigm. Any challenges to this popular amalgamation of selective perception categorized as the scientific method, as though one renounced the holy grail in 11th century Christendom, is met with aghast defense, ridicule and manipulative cynicism. In other words, the false notion of objective perception holds a posture of power that is false. It is not a true monarch or power authority of any kind that is wholesome to any of us because it is invariably divisive.

A common phrase used among Astrologers is ‘the map is not the territory’. The point is that we must ever honor the subjective individuality of any person in question, of all people. ‘Probability’ still remains a factor, yet ‘possibility’ is always a significant factor. In other words, any notion of absolute or pure objectivity is recognized to be both an illusion and an imposition.

Further, acknowledging the subjectivity of perception and interpretation, social agreements and rules like traffic signs, lights and laws or the rules of sports aside, it may be recognized that we each only truly perceive reality as it is when, paradoxically, we realize that we do not see reality as it is, at least not in any absolute sense.

Asserting that reality, facts and truths are something everyone agrees upon and only idiots or ‘uneducated’ fools would not accept, can be further understood to manifest as unchecked authority and subsequently as control, which when enforced, qualifies as extreme and protracted tyranny. Such would be the case of robots perceiving reality solely with the faculties of logic or assumed objectivity, which has for decades and continues to be the core theme of horrific science fiction.

In short, the notion of ‘objectivity’ in any manner of expression, whether it manifests in religion, politics or science, is simply fiction. Thus, any attempt to make this fiction a reality is not only a delusional or fantastical; it can actually be accurately interpreted as insanity. Sadly, humanity and our planet is not simply suffering from a form of cancer; it has or is rapidly and dangerously becoming insane. We can heal these illnesses but to do so, we must identify their source cause and the delusional notion of pure objectivity is it.