Give it to Me Straight

“Better a devil you know than one you don’t.”

It takes courage and wisdom to want to know all about the indicators of challenge or what may be deemed ‘bad or difficult karma’. This sort of Reading is best suited for the real spiritual warrior type…

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…or one who chooses to exercise such resolve, or the person who has endured continued difficulty, setback, upset and what appears to be plain old bad luck; so much so that you have simply had enough and are willing and ready to do something about it, even if simply to be more aware. The fact is that what appears to be random or some glitch in your subconscious may in fact reveal a more specific rational. Karma can be good and should not simply be considered negative as is often the case. The deeper truth revealed by it is that we are souls incarnate, and we re-incarnate.

It may seem quite unfair that we are born with difficult karma, since in each incarnation we begin again as an infant with what may be deemed a “fresh start”. This is true, yet we do not necessarily begin with a clean slate. Anyone who adamantly asserts this has simply not done enough research. The evidence of difficult karma from precious incarnation can begin to reveal itself very quickly in our life. A core feature of this realization is based on another old cliché’ which asserts: ‘We pick-up where we left off.” This seems very true when it comes to challenges revealed in our Natal Chart.

Although clichés are frowned upon by the editors and literary agents of the world, the fact is that these phrases represent lasting truths. While I too aim to avoid clichés, I do take a moment to ponder their inner meaning when I hear one. The above quote, and what ranks up there among some of the more popular clichés of the world, can be interpreted to say even information or news that is not so easy to bare is sometimes, if not often, better to know than not. In this case, knowing what constitutes the so-called negative karma as revealed in ones’ Natal Chart affords the opportunity to look squarely at core issues and thereby have the opportunity to exercise free will to actually do something about it.

While there are likely to be more, I have identified 13 key indicators in the Birth Chart of what again may be deemed negative or at least challenging karma.

This is not to say I invented these ‘measurement techniques’. The fact is that each has been written about many times, but I have not to date seen them compiled. While not all Astrologers may agree, I have observed and tested each one and I feel quite confident that they ‘work’.

Doing a Reading for someone who has negative karmic patterns and most if not all people have at least one or two and sometimes several can prove to be a very delicate process. If people were more respectfully aware that they are souls incarnate and that this realization comes with a well-integrated attitude of self-responsibility, Astrology would quickly rise to the status that it truly deserves. As it is, materialism has become the popular paradigm and within its parameters all events emerge from outer circumstances and unfortunate turns and are not recognized to be the projections that they are.

Many people feel quite confident that they know themselves perfectly and are as objectively aware of who they are and what constitutes their deeper life challenges and therefore would rather not emphasize or will casually overlook, deny or simply be oblivious to there being any issue at all. As far as they are concerned, they are not the problem, it is the other people in their life and the negative experiences they have had which serves to justify their sorrow, anger and life choices in general. Of course, this is very common. Therefore, I the astrologer must proceed very carefully lest I suggest for a moment that what they have or are experiencing is actually an outer reflection of their own subconscious projections. Yet, assuming responsibility is a golden key to personal power and this is a point I often find myself moved to inspire.

In the course of this type of Reading, I will explain the features of negative karma in your Natal Chart in a systematic, clear and compassionate manner. Since you, at a personality level are the ‘inheritor’ of the challenging karmic aspects in your chart, I do not feel judgmental in the least. Rather, compassion is evoked and it is my sincere interest to assist you to be aware so that you can exercise your conscious free will with awareness and wisdom. More importantly, even though on a personality level you are the inheritor of these challenging patterns, you are also very likely to be the perpetuator of them. Consequently, not only will you experience the negative repercussions in the course of this life, you stand to also either deny the issue altogether (thus do nothing to resolve the karma, to ‘pay back the debt’ by way of meaningful efforts and actions), but you stand also to deepen the issue and thereby perpetuate the suffering and even make matters worse. Feeling victimized and therefore feelings justified in your reactions, retaliations, revenges and or by way of blame will only weaken you spiritually and again perpetuate and even deepen the issue.

So, if what you have read inspires you and you feel moved to learn more about yourself at a deeper level, I invite you to contact me for a session today. It is my sincere interest and desire to assist you to be aware and thereby exercise choices that will serve to alleviate, neutralize, overcome and even make use of the frustrations produced by the challenging karmic aspects so clearly revealed in the Natal Chart.

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