Humanity has arrived at a crucial fork in the road. One road leads to opportunities to awaken while the other will lead to continuing down the path of blissful notions that all will be well soon and the world will return to the way it was before Covid19 arrived.

According to the larger planetary backdrop of influences, this is very unlikely. Covid19 is coinciding with the so-called ‘Great Economic Reset’ and combined with the now and already infamous books called “Covid19: The Great Reset” and “Shaping The Fourth Industrial Revolution” both authored by one Klaus Shwab, a wealthy technocrat without any official political power. Upon closer review, these books unabashedly point to deliberate plans to ‘reduce the global population’. The cool and rationalized reality of this intention can accurately be interpreted to be the clear signs of insanity, or psychopathic attitudes.

Dismissing this as conspiracy theory, in turn, can be regarded as its own form of insanity. However, the reason one might is subject to a feature of the strategy of this intention:  mind control.

This is where we have to direct attention to the reality of the privately owned media, or what has come to be regarded as the ‘mainstream media’. As with the metaphor of frogs placed in cold water in a pot that is then set to slowly heat up on the stove thus boiling the frogs alive, it appears quite evident that many people actually believe that their favorite news station, as actually ‘the news’.

Reports of common citizens in China regarding  ‘the news’ is that fewer and fewer people actually watch it, as it is common knowledge that it’s simply pure propaganda. It appears that we in the West remain naïve to such realities, but not everyone as new platforms for journalists are emerging daily to counter this ‘intel’.

Between the draconian measures of governments, which are actually supported by private sectors of the population, and opposed by various factions of the public, what generally amounts to be a loosely knit assembly of the revolutionary movement, there is the clearly evident theme referred to as the ‘great economic reset’ at play,  all  the while. This is the proverbial elephant in the room. Ironically, or due to successful deflection of focus, significant percentages of the population are not aware that this process is underway. 

While there are many background cycles that can be understood to be contributing to this synchronicity, Pluto in Capricorn is certainly playing a major role. Symbolic of the transformation of governments and, due to Covid19, this transformation is indicating that, currently at least, governments are becoming much stronger than ever before, or at least they are trying to be. The question is, is this power being directed to empower or to control humanity? After all, what governments the world over are successfully doing is sowing deep confusion and distrust due to a steady stream of mixed and confused messages.

In short, either humanity awakens this year to the mass hypnosis being promulgated by forces bent on global dominion to achieve its agenda to create humanity 2.0, or it will likely occur, and quickly.

Pisces and its ruling planet are also symbolic of hypnosis, mind control, hospitals, prisons, asylums and other such arenas linked to the complexities of human psychology and spirituality involving deep, karmic themes. If you think that this theme of a global agenda is a conspiracy theory, then you have probably not been doing much of your own sincere investigation and research.

As valid as it is to have faith, it can also manifest as naïveté, gullibility and, consequently, of credulity, all classical issues related to Pisces.

So, if you are frustrated with, and one of whom asserts that everything outside of your knowledge is ‘a conspiracy theory’, perhaps you are at the mercy of propaganda and indoctrination, and are unwittingly contributing to your own enslavement and that of others, and worse. After all, the history books are filled by accounts of empires aggressively seizing the opportunity and the expense of  those in their way and it is also filled with stories of tyrants and madmen who deem themselves more intelligent and visionary that everyone else, at the cost of literally millions upon millions of lives.

Good people supported them as well, only to discover later, that they may have been misled… As well¸ there are people who have publically proclaimed that Covid19 represents an opportunity to reset the global economy. So, we are left to wonder what others may be interpreting our complex times to be ‘their’ opportunity, nonchalantly interpreted as ‘our’ opportunity.

If you have come to the conclusion that obediently giving up your rights and freedoms is the key to the world returning ‘back to normal’, once everyone in the world is vaccinated against Covid19, you are what many who do their homework and conduct their own research (aside from the evening news or popular radio), deem to be someone who is sleeping. Credulously assuming that those in positions of power have your best interests in mind may also actually be the consequence of political propaganda, which researches assert is actually a form of mind control. If you want to learn more, look up Edward Bernays, deemed ‘the father of public relations and propaganda’ to get a good introduction to this now globally employed persuasion tactic for both business marketing, and political influence.

This entire theme and evolutionary/revolutionary trend is largely indicated by Uranus in Taurus (May 2018 – April 2026). Since Uranus is the ruling planet for Aquarius, and since Saturn and Jupiter are currently in Aquarius – the sign of revolution, the reality of this theme is destined to be occurring at this time. This destiny factor is the vertical perspective, the ‘As above, so below’ factor which reveals synchronicities as opposed to the linear perspectives of push and pull, cause and effect.

Of course, on the horizontal stage, when it comes to big money, big power players and power plays are bound to be involved. Yet, they are not the sole cause as even they too must comply with the evolutionary turns.

Given the overall state of the human condition, which includes a planet made very small in light of modern technology, it is quite understandable that the power plays and the economic reset underway is occurring at an unprecedented, world-wide scale. Thus, the realities of globalism versus nationalism have emerged as the chaos of our times. Ironically, it appears that globalism represents private interests whereas nationalism continues to represent the interests, the right and freedoms of the majority of the world’s population.

As well, there are growing suspicions that at least some of the power elite have come to the conclusion that the human population must be reduced, intentionally and quickly.

In some respects, the agendas featured can be interpreted to be rationalized strategies. Given millennia of brutal, violent warfare, it comes as no surprise that people in key, massive influential positions of power once again are plotting to achieve victory at the expense of human lives. The difference this time is that the tactical measures of war have changed from obvious weaponry (as with guns and bombs) and have emerged as a complex weave of propaganda, mind control and various forms of biological warfare.

Another main concern is that the globalist push appears to be heading towards increased, centralized control which is generally referred to as Neo-Feudalism, Fascism and Communism. However you view it, none of these suggest any real semblance of democracy. All the while, the media is engaged with steering the masses in this direction, yet by deceptive means.

Again, while this may sound like a conspiracy theory to some, which will be quickly dismissed, this becomes increasingly likely if one steps back to analyze the messages being shared on the various networks. This may not be apparent if one watches one or two stations, but it becomes increasingly evident if, via a genuinely journalistic perspective, a comparative analysis of what messages are being delivered reveals that we are indeed full on in the midst of what can simply be described as information wars – globalism versus nationalism, the elite versus the masses or as Fascism/Feudalism/Communism versus Democracy.

The evidence of this, the conflict of interest, is the admitted determination of governments to make use of it to leverage a global economic reset, confessions evidencing agendas. Fundamental to this awakening is to realize that words like conspiracy theory are all part of the plan, serving to cause people to reactively dismiss critical thinking, subject to it contradicting the mainstream narrative. If we are to awaken to this deep-rooted, long-planned agenda to replace governments with global governance by unelected ‘officials’ and powered by robotic law enforcement, as many sci-movies have illustrated over the years, this is our moment.

So, the planetary alignments reveal many things and, in the bigger picture a world-wide economic reset and, on the other hand and in the more immediate sense, a precious window of opportunity for spiritual healing. Upon reflection, it may be agreed that humanity itself is sick due to toxic attitudes and practices, many of which actually have ancient roots and have remained hidden, until now.

Reference to the word ‘now’ in this respect refers to our modern era which can specifically be understood and demarcated when the internet became public domain in 1993. The internet has revealed then and now the only option is to hide out in the open and to make the disease an acceptable norm, like a virus that wants to survive, thrive and spread. Thus, what is actually at the root of the issues that confront humanity at this time, at least includes answering the question of what and who we are. From a spiritual perspective, the answer is simple: we are souls incarnate, spiritual beings having human experiences.

Expanding upon this truth is the understanding that we live in a conscious, purposeful and creative universe. Unless we reclaim our awareness of our divine source, the forces of materialism which idly rationalize death and destruction to achieve its ends, will continue to drive humanity in the downward spiral we are currently experiencing.

While it may be asserted that this downward spiral is intentional, it may at least not be entirely true. Either way, natural, intentional or a blend of both, it remains that no one can or will win from this destructive direction. So, we have individually arrived at a decisive moment. What will it be: spiritual awakening and healing thus activating an upward spiral, or materialism and rationalized destruction leading us to drive deeper and deeper into an otherwise unnecessary state of global fear, control and unanimous defeat?

Spirituality often refers to the realities of actual higher powers and having a divine source. It is said that, due to the law of free will, this divine power or intervention is accessed by sincere request. Materialism negates this higher, inner dimensional divine source, yet for all of our science and technological prowess, we have never and will never create a single seed. Contemplate this fact to awaken to divine source and call upon it to help awaken and heal humanity at this critical juncture.

The planetary alignments and cycles outlined are indeed the micro-perspective. Yet, they serve to clarify the larger cyclic themes linked to the Age of Aquarius, which includes a 2,160-year cycle that dawned with the advent of the internet. Then there are the conjunctions of the far planets that provide the larger context.