The realities of working for a living are important to us all. While the practical reasons for wanting or needing to work, or to have a job, or career is obvious, the choices we make are much more important than it may seem. Not only is our health, self-esteem and overall feeling of success linked the work we do, it is in fact a core feature of what constitutes ones spiritual nature and development.

Right vocation is a term that has emerged in the world as important in recognition of the amount of suffering and the extent of liability linked to choosing the wrong career. The result is that we end of hating our work. Yet, most people spend a good deal of time at work, about 1/3 of our time and sometimes more is directed to our job, work or career.

Whether by inspiration or desperation, finding a job let alone choosing one is an important common concern. Career questions can be a major source of inspiration yet are also accompanied by a good deal of stress. This is so for in part due to the financial responsibilities and pressures of life. As well, it is a matter of at least liking and ideally loving what we do. Perhaps the main issue is job dissatisfaction. This may also be described as the proverbial round peg in the square hole. 

Within the Natal chart there are strong clues about the type of vocation you will best enjoy or the types of employment you may want to experience. Of course, these are subject to change according to the cycles of our life.

Beyond the Natal chart, current transits can indicate openings and opportunities for career change, advancement, travel and education. On the other hand, the chart can indicate when and why your employment status is in for change. Whether you are starting a new job or ending one, Astrology can offer you valuable insights to make good career choices.

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