Future Directions

Life is like a game and if you knew the outcome you would not enjoy the mystery. Yet, knowing the odds and deciphering what you can do to win is also important and worthwhile.

This is where Astrology can help you to play well and win whatever the outcome.

Due to free will, you can either rise above challenges, take alternate directions or you can also miss opportunities. Assessing the probability of future trends, directions and events gives us an added advantage and has and always will be of interest and concern to people.

Free will is an important aspect of life. This is where asking “what will be the outcome” of a given situation is a double standard question. I can inform you of the probability. However, guiding you to make free will choices and to be conscious in the process or flow of events is also important.

This is where being responsible for your own life and respectful of the line between free will choice and probability comes to the fore. Guidance and insights are not guarantees and insurance. Yet, deepened self-awareness, affirmation and wise guidance help a lot towards helping you make better choices.

With the help of Transits, Progressions, Returns and Eclipses your future and the key turning point dates can be determined. I liken the length of time you want to know about to the need for varying magnifications of camera lenses. The scope can literally encompass decades. Often people like to work with 7, 5, 3 and 1 year plans.

Gaining a clear perspective on next week or month, year or years ahead can prove extra important for the sake of timing, planning and action.

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