Natal Chart

Your Astrology Reading always begins with your Natal Chart.

A Natal Chart is otherwise referred to as a Birth Chart, or the Radix Chart.

I often will establish the tone, focus and momentum of a Reading, even if the main focus is upon other considerations, like relationships or career for example, by at least reviewing the Natal Chart.  This step is very important because all subsequent considerations like cycles, events and timing stem from this basis. This is where an Astrologer learns a good deal about your core nature and your strengths, weaknesses, challenges, or perhaps whether a certain element is lacking, what planets is extra emphasized, what is the closest hard aspect in your chart, otherwise referred to by Astrologer’s as the Driver.

If you are serious about what Astrology can offer you, which is more than most people are aware, you are wise to invest into a deep and thorough examination of your Natal Chart. This is the foundation upon which all subsequent insights and types of Readings are founded. Reading your Natal Chart presents the whole archetypal dynamic or core themes that may summarily be defined as your destiny.

All current or past influences and future directions, probabilities and possibilities stem from a clear and thorough assessment of your Natal Chart.

Once a foundation of insight and understanding of your Natal Chart is established, I can provide you with clearer and more accurate insights for subsequent questions like your best career direction or relationship choices or location and so on….

Taken one step further all parts like, for example, a planet in a certain sign or aspects to another planet must be weighed in context to the whole chart. Understanding your natal chart is like understanding the region, terrain and climate of the place where you live.