Relocation and Travel

“Nobody remains in one place any more!”

Most of us move at least several times in our life, and we travel. Especially in regards to relocating to a new city or country, the main questions concern: where, why, when and how? Even with travel (but again especially when it comes to relocating) it takes a lot of careful thought and planning, and tends to produce a good deal of stress due to the overall process and the expense.

Astrology is a very effective tool when it comes to answering any or all of these questions. We can look to Astrology to decipher when is the best time and where might prove to be the best place for us to go.

Your relationship to any given location on the planet changes according to how your Astrology chart changes with the new longitude and latitude.  The Astrocartography of where you live is more impactful than you might think, and can produce underlying effects on your experience in that location.

It is not just the country or climate or language, for example that can change…it is how our Astrology changes in accordance with different locations. So, we can experience more success or more challenges in different locations based on how the angles and planets in our Birth Chart are more pronounced or less, and so on.

This type of Astrology is relatively new yet proves itself again and again. If you are planning a move to a new place, especially a distant land, wouldn’t you want to know how you stand to fare in that place before you make a lot of efforts and expenditures?

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