Life Changes and Timing

“Timing is of the Essence!” Throughout the ages people have sought guidance to better understand the ‘when’ of life and Astrology remains very active in this regard because it works so well.

In life we all experience natural changes that are aspects of larger cycles and an Astrologer can identify and clarify the nature, purpose and areas of life that are and will be affected by them. Some of these cyclic turns are so predictable that everyone goes through them. There are also personal cycles that we all experience subject to the particular alignments and aspects in our natal chart. Especially when these cycles overlap – the generic and the personal – we experience major change.

At the very root of Astrology we see measurements of time, calendars, timing of events like when to marry or sign important documents or start a business (see Signing Contracts) and questions like when to plant, when to harvest, what is an auspicious time to embark on a journey (see Travel and Relocation) and so on.

Alternatively, we sometimes want to make changes or make things happen for one reason or another and this is yet another reason why we might want to, or be wise to, consult an Astrologer who, with the help of certain timing techniques can help choose the best time when to act. Further, Astrology can help with the understanding of why and/or the timing when changes are likely to occur which can prove very helpful.

We certainly do live in interesting times. Many people even believe that time is speeding up. Time, as a measurement of activities, cannot speed up but the activities can happen faster, more frequently and in greater volume. This is the case in the world now. Change is a fundamental law of reality and there is nothing new about it. However, we live in a world and during a time when there seems to be a great deal of change. While this is a great source of stress for people, it can also signify opportunity.

Embracing the changes in our life as opportunities, graduations, natural rhythms and/or reasons to celebrate is ideal because often that is actually what they represent. On the other hand, change can be very difficult especially when death or endings of some kind occur. Both extremes are valid and have their place due to the complexity of life.

If change is happening, or you want to make changes, or you are planning a special event or you want to move house, or buy a car or land or a home, or relocate, or go on a vacation, or start a business, or have a baby, or need surgery, or plan to taking legal action, or write your will, or if you simply want to know more about the cycles, areas and dates of change in your life, or anything else requiring good timing please call to book your appointment today!