August 2023 Insights

Under the bright light of a Full Moon in Aquarius on the 1st, August 2023 begins with a bang!

Then again, due to the strong influences of Jupiter and Uranus in Taurus, which is the ‘signature sign (most prominent) despite the Leo Sun and Aquarius Moon, the more accurate term might be ‘boom’. The distinction is that the boom is deeper and potentially involves more gravity and earth-shaking magnitude. Especially with the boosts from Jupiter and Uranus, this term describes Taurus more accurately.

That August begins and ends on a Full Moon adds to the excitement.

August 2023 Super MoonTwo Full Moons in a solar month means that the second one on August 30 is a ‘Blue Moon’ and, since the Moon will be close to Earth in its elliptical orbit, it is also dubbed a ‘Super Moon’.

Admittedly, neither of these popular labels holds much weight in Astrology, actually. Still, they do add some spice, and given the current tone, it is quite welcome.

The second New Moon on August 30 will be in mystical Pisces which suggests that the sound of its beat could prove muffled, like an underwater explosion. I will elaborate on the quality of the New Moon seed in my Weekly Horoscope, so stay tuned for that.

While there are many possible repercussions that stem from these events, due to the many unfolding, overlapping destinies that comprise the drama of life, the principle among them is the changing economy.

The push for digital and global currency is playing a major role in the world and constitutes a very deep and protracted revolution of evolution with worldwide implications. But there is much more at play here than even the ever-important politics of money.

But there is much more at play here than even the ever-important politics of money.

Regarding the August 1st chart, regarded as a whole…

There are underlying themes of change and transformation associated with principles of equality, fairness, and justice at play. Many of these dynamics are already underway, yet they stand to be amplified this month. Some of this certainly stems from the repercussions of the social, revolutionary movie ‘The Sound of Freedom’. Some assert that this movie, launched on July 4th Independence Day in the United States, is the spark that will ignite the flames of cultural warfare escalating matters to a whole new level.

The massive, global turn-out of viewers going to the cinema to watch this movie is its own indication that humanity is awakening from a general, collective impulse to seek gratification by way of escapist activities rather than direct attention to issues that really matter. Since the tragic realities of this world-wide issue of human trafficking and slavery for all manner of horrific reasons is much more than a “thorn in the side” – it is a knife stab in the heart.

In this case, it is the heart of humanity.

Thus, more than social justice is at the epicenter of this focus and, beyond the emphasis on cultural wars, this theme can be better described as a spiritual war.

Despite many still blurred with sleep in their eyes, this movie is serving to awaken humanity to realize just how deep the international network of corruption reaches. That this corruption transcends greed and includes literal crimes against humanity, significantly deepens the issue in such a way that it will not be idly swept aside as humanistic networks the world over will make every effort to harness the rising awareness levels that this movie is activating.

This can be understood as cornerstone theme foundational to the Age of Aquarius and the collective challenges that lie ahead.

Adding to the details of this complex and massively pivotal plot associated with the general focus of our collective attention, Venus, the ruling planet for Taurus, also plays a leading role.

The fact that Venus turned retrograde on July 22, which was the same day the Sun entered Leo, is all part of the finer details of this plot, as we head into August. Technically, Venus turned Rx while the Sun was at 29 Cancer. The takeaway theme here, is because 0 and 29 are critical degrees, technically referred to as ‘Anaretic’ degrees, emphasizes themes of overcoming and requiring patient, focused deliberate purpose.

This describes the implications of the realities associated with overcoming the deep issue of human slavery which ironically is more active than ever before in human history. That this fact is so significantly unknown is testimony to the corruption associated with the media and at a global scale.

Regarding, the bigger time picture of August, Mercury turns retrograde in Virgo on August 23.

So, Mercury will overlap with Venus with both planets retrograde for about two weeks, as the retrograde cycle of Venus in Leo continues until September 3. Keeping in step, Mercury turns Rx just hours after the Sun enters Virgo and its Rx cycle ends on September 15.

Interestingly, Venus will be in Leo the entire time that Mercury will be in Virgo. It is not uncommon for Mercury and Venus to interact in such ways as the two fast-moving inner planets share close celestial association and can be understood to be ever in close interaction. Yet, their rhythms and respective cycles are especially noteworthy currently.

Summarizing the wider-angle view, Venus entered Leo on June 5th and will only enter Virgo on October 8, thus she will have lingered in Leo land for just shy of 4 months! Mercury, again in close, rhythmic step, remains in Virgo until October 4. Interestingly within a few days of each other, Mercury will enter Libra, the sign ruled by Venus, and Venus will enter Virgo, the sign ruled by Mercury. This is technically referred to as ‘Mutual Reception’ between these two planets and is traditionally regarded as ‘auspicious’.

So, the follow-up to the dual-Full Moon “bang and boom” of August will include influences linked to the critical thinking of Virgo closely aligned with the fairness and justice-seeking interests of Libra

Numerologically, August is a Universal 15/6 month.

This is a very assertive number and can even prove to behave quite boldly and irreverently.

Positively, though, the assertive pace can be expressed with integrity and principle-driven courage beyond all concerns of public opinion, thus challenging people to break free of their ego-centric attitudes to give more attention to larger issues.

At a more personal level, committed relationships tend to deepen or end during these cycles.

Hot is a keyword for Leo time, literally and figuratively. Watch for iconic and powerful figures, and larger entities too, exiting the stage or being reborn into something new. The sudden death of iconic and controversial Sinead O’Connor is an example.

Hard work is generally indicated during 2023 Leo time, more than play, as people drive to recoup what was lost over the past few years. So, look for the openings to breathe and center and focus to stay cool in the heat, as required.

Since this entire overview perspective refers to the wider, generic perspective, how these energies will manifest in your life is subject to a wide array of other more personal factors. In short, these can be understood as the finer, specific details of your personal destiny. This is how the principle of wholes within wholes works. Yet, at least the Horoscopes will offer a fractal perspective for more practical awareness and perhaps conscious, deliberate action as well.

How these various aspects are influencing each Sun Sign is basically outlined in the Weekly Horoscopes which you can subscribe freely to, and receive each Friday in your email.

However, to truly gain a more personalized interpretation, how the planets in real-time align with those in your birth chart will reveal a much more detailed and deeper story. I can assist you to know how the cycles of destiny that are guiding you in your life at this important turning point.


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