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Doing so will speed up the actual process of your reading and allows you to provide all the required information.

You are welcome to offer as much background as you like to sharpen, deepen and/or accelerate the focus,  yet providing background is not strictly required, just optional.

Below this form you will see more guidelines should you feel the need to support your decision.

For Readings, please include the following information:

  • (Please include the exact town and/or closest major city and country. You do not have to include the longitude and latitude)
  • The time is not required but is ideal. The more exact the time the sharper the picture is and therefore the more precise the insights and guidance can be. Even an approximate time helps. For example, if all you know is that you were born in the morning, please provide that information. If you have the time narrowed to an approximate time, for example, “I was born around 10 am”.
  • Readings are conducted in increments of 30 minutes thus, 30, 60, 90, 120, 150 and 180 minutes. (*Please Note: 30 minute Readings especially are reserved for Follow-Up and Update Readings and for added extensions to Readings.)
  • Please provide 2-3 date and time options that fit best into your usual schedule or specific time window you are aiming for.
  • If you are clear on what areas of your life and know where specifically you want insights, guidance, affirmation, inspiration or strategy for please state it clearly.

    Please Note

    ** Responses will be sent to your submitted email address within 48 hours. Thank you! **

  • Go HERE to learn more about Readings.
  • A Life Reading is generally a good place to begin if you have never had a reading at all or specifically with me. If this sounds like you I invite you to Readings on the menu bar to gain more information about it. A Life Reading covers a deep and wide spectrum of focus, so it requires a minimum of 90 minutes.
  • The information, insights, and guidance  I can provide you with Astrology are deep, empowering, inspiring and healing too, so a deep and thorough reading is a wise and valuable investment.
  • A good option to gain a deep and full exposure to what I can share with you is one of these  Package Deals

Other ways to contact me: or call Toll Free: 1-800-836-0648

Payment Policy

Pre-payment for Readings conducted by phone or Skype is required.

  • Payment can be made by credit card in PRICING on the menu bar.
  • Alternately, you are welcome to use online banking and send an eTransfer. If this is your preferred method, please send to and use your first name as the password I am required to use to complete the process.
  • If you decide to pay via an eTransfer, please add 5% GST to the total.
  • If the GST is not included, you will be asked to re-send the payment or will be given an invoice to provide the missing amount.
  • You can also use regular (snail) mail and pay by cheque or money order. If this is your preferred method, send me an email to inform me and I will reply with the address to send it to. In most cases, payment should arrive prior to the Reading taking place.
  • For Reading appointments conducted In-Person, please come ready to pay by cheque or you can also pay in person or in advance by credit card or by eTransfer as outlined above.
  • For efficient accounting purposes, please do not pay with cash.
  • First-time sessions generally require 90-120 minutes to be thorough.  60 minutes is the ideal minimum for first-time sessions and, along with 30 and 45 minutes, is best reserved for follow-up sessions…
  • UNLESS, you opt for the Pay-it-Forward Package Deal, which gives you a bonus 30 minutes, 210 minutes altogether. With it you can get a series of mini-readings which will in effects amount to 1 to 5 sessions, each emphasizing a different area such as your Chart Signature, Your Chart Pattern, Balanimbalancesbalances, Main Focus of Destiny, Past Lives, Current Influences, Future Directions and so on… Learn more about the various kinds of Readings I offer HERE.