The Calendar Astrology Advantage – Level 1

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Level 1
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Accelerated Learning...
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For practical application in your life.
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Learn Calendar Astrology

A practical tool for life, and a fun and excellent way to learn Astrology!

Signing up for ‘The Calendar Astrology Advantage’ gives you:

* Recordings of Live Training over four weeks of 2-hour interactive Webinar presentations with students on Zoom.

* Get the recordings of the four 2-hour classes with your purchase to watch at your own pace.


See below for the 10 Benefits you will gain from this course!

“I found Michael’s class to be a very informative overview on how to read and interpret an astrological calendar and how I can use it in my daily life. It helps me be aware of potential moods and influences due to the positions of the moon and planets. I am now better able to plan my day as to whether it likely will be good for communication, physical activity, making an important purchase, gardening, and / or spiritual matters.” ~ Gerry

See more workshop testimonials here!

Sign up below for just $160.00 (CAD) includes tax

Quickly and easily learn the skill of living in tune with the Sun and Moon, for life! 

This 4-part course over four Saturdays will give you a solid foundation of a very practical and useful branch of Astrology that will enter you into the game in terms of foundational terms and an understanding of the system as a whole.

Daily Planetary Guide

The tool you will be learning to use is an Astrological Calendar. The Llewellyn’s 2024 Daily Planetary Guide can be purchased here on Amazon.

The key to learning this knowledge is that it is designed to provide you with knowledge of a system that you can use on a daily basis for practical purposes.

You will learn to observe synchronicity on a daily basis. The knowledge shared will be made as simple, yet thorough as possible and will give you not only a fun and inspiring language, but insight into the workings of the divine matrix in your life. The ‘divine matrix’ means the archetypal blueprint woven within existence, within nature in the broader sense, or the holistic nature of reality.

I’ve taught this course numerous times over the years in various formats, and with different names such as ‘Fast Track Astrology’.

* You can watch an introduction video I did HERE. *

This is actually the only Astrology Course you will ever need in terms of all the basics, even though you may choose to advance your studies. It is a tool you will want to use on a daily basis to help you navigate both the generic and, more importantly, your own unfolding rhythms and cycles and those of others in your life.

You will wonder how you lived without it!

Questions? Contact me:

Sign up below for just $160.00 (CAD) OR check out your other option further down!

10 Benefits You Will Gain From This Course:

1) A Solid Foundation...READ MORE

Easily achieve a solid foundation and working knowledge of the ‘language code’ and core principles of Astrology.

2) Be More In Tune ...READ MORE

Learn to be more in-tune with the Sun and Moon – the ongoing natural daily, weekly and monthly rhythms and cycles that affect us all personally and collectively.

3) Understand Your Rhythms...READ MORE

Better understand your own regular rhythms and moods, as well as those of your family and friends.

4) Be a Savvier Planner...READ MORE

Better determine the best dates and times for when to host special events, with the most auspicious timing for success.

5) Know When & When NOT...READ MORE

Know when and when not to sign important documents, make expensive purchases, launch key initiatives, or embark upon a journey, etc.

6) Grow Personally...READ MORE

Gain deepened self-awareness for personal growth based on the archetypal language of the soul that Astrology is.

7) Cultivate More Harmony...READ MORE

Cultivate greater harmony and deeper, more satisfying relationships with a newfound understanding of astrological influences.

8) Understand Natural Cycles...READ MORE

Contribute to healing the environment collectively, and around you, with a deeper respect of natural cycles that affect us all.

9) Be In Tune With the Times...READ MORE

Tune in to the times! And teach others to do the same with your awareness! The Aquarian Age has dawned and Astrology is playing a vital, valuable role and is here to stay.

10) Develop Observation & Balance...READ MORE

Better develop your powers of observation and balance your brain as you exercise both logic and intuition in the application of the Astrology Calendar for daily, practical use.

OR… Here’s Another Option!

Purchase my popular Package 360 (for $360), and use $160 of it towards The Calender Astrology Advantage course. Why?

You would then have $200 left toward an Astrology Reading (covering any area of interest as listed here), PLUS receive a bonus 1-year Membership for free ($60 value – learn more about membership benefits).

If you choose this option, be sure to email me and let me know!