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A Brief Introduction to Cycles in Astrology

We all experience cycles throughout our lives; whether daily, weekly, monthly or yearly. There are many different and overlapping cycles that influence us in profound ways, and it’s and Astrologer’s job to decipher and explain these larger “destiny” cycles to... Read More

Critical Degrees in Astrology

Do you have a critical degree in your natal chart? If so, it illustrates a life-time theme that will be an ongoing process of a particular lesson for your soul’s evolution. This video explains the types of critical degrees in... Read More

The Lunation Cycle

Learn about the cycles of the transiting moon, or the “lunation cycle”, and how it plays a vital role in our lives and impacts our psychology. This video provides examples of the transiting moon in astrology charts, and the effects... Read More

Moon Reflections

Gain a full spectrum if insight about the moon in your astrology birth chart. Learn about the astronomical facts, symbolic correspondences, and the psychological, and spiritual significance of the Moon in your Natal Chart. As well, gain insights about Solar... Read More

Astrology of 2020 Update – Synchronicity of Global Events

As an update to my original video, The Astrology of 2020: The Dawning of a New Era, this video update explains the synchronicities of the Astrology and outer, global events at this time (March 19, Spring Equinox 2020).... Read More

The Astrology of Major Economic Cycles – 2020 Spotlight

This video provides insights about Astrology and synchronicity of current global outer events. It illustrates how each time Saturn and Pluto form a conjunction every 34 years, major economic and social changes occur. Gain a better understanding of the deeper... Read More

Video: The Astrology of 2020 – The Dawning of a New ERA

This video provides insights on the dynamic Astrology of 2020 and how it will be the dawning of a new era.... Read More

A Portrait Introduction to Synchronicity

The evidence of a consciousness and purposeful intent is evident everywhere in the intricate design of reality. Astrology and metaphysics can be understood to work with this understanding which, in some respects, may be deemed ‘elementary and obvious’. This video... Read More