Current Influences

“The only true constant in life is change.” Change is a basic feature of life. It is not a question of if but of when. Astrology and Numerology are time proven tools that provide powerful insight into not only what will happen but when as well.

Change is the law because everything in the universe from the cosmic to the molecular and certainly life on earth is moving. This movement occurs in cycles, but which are better described as spirals. This means that we do see repeating patterns but they are never the same twice.

Determining what current influences are occurring in our life is perhaps the most common reason people call upon an Astrologer. In effect, it is akin to knowing the season and weather. The most common astrological tools used to determine this include Transits, Progressions, Returns and Eclipses. There are many other tools and techniques but these are the most common and reliable.

Numerology is also a powerful tool when it comes to deciphering the cycles of change  and combined with Astrology the efficacy is significantly increased.

 It is also common practice to look for repeating themes from any one or all of these techniques. It remains important however to have a clear assessment of the Natal Chart which is important for deciphering the Natal Promise, which indicates probable experiences and outcomes linked to the ever moving flow of change.

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